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Jordan Flap Meatoplasty|Treatment for Meatal Stenosis Delhi India

Treatment of Meatal Stenosis|Meatoplasty

Jordan Flap Technique of Plastic Surgery for Urethral Stricture now available in Delhi India

What is Meatal Stenosis?

Meatal stenosis is the narrowing of the tip of the male penis or urethra. It is a type of localised urethral stricture. In this condition the tip of the penis becomes narrow or small causing symptoms to the patient – Chiefly burning in passing urine, infections, poor stream and pain during sex.

This condition is usually common in men who have undergone circumcision or removal of the foreskin for phimosis.

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Meatal Stenosis Treatment Delhi NCR|Meatal Stenosis Treatment Karol Bagh New Delhi India

Meatal stenosis requires treatment and promptly. It is usually seen as a component of the Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans Complex and many patients continue to suffer for a long time before receiving treatment.

The treatment options are many and include

Dilatation of the urethra or meatus – This method though gives early relief, in the long run the patients have to continue to do dilatations and may cause further problems

Meatotomy or cutting the mouth of the meatus – very effective in relieving symptoms but has 3 problems

  1. The cut meatus looks cosmetically bad
  2. Causes splaying of urine
  3. Ruins the shape of the penis

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What is the best alternative?

The best alternative then is meatoplasty or urethral stricture cosmetic plastic reconstructive surgery. In this advanced technique, skin is taken from the penis, prepuce or oral cavity and used to make the hole again giving very cosmetically pleasing results. When skin is taken from the pensi itself , it is called jordan flap urethroplasty. When the skin is taken from the mouth it is called as Buccal Mucosal Graft Urethroplasty.

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Now these advanced reconstructive urology techniques are available in Delhi India.

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