Laser Vaginal Tightening in New Delhi India

Laser Vaginal Tightening is a technique to tighten the vagina by using CO2 Fractionated laser. Multiple superficial burns are created in the vaginal wall using specially designed probes. These burns cause collagen deposition and scarring in the vaginal wall. Due to this lax vagina tightens.

Laser Vaginal Tightening is now available at Govinda Medicenter in New Delhi India.

Cost of Laser vaginal Tightening in New Delhi India is 45000 INR for 3 sessions.

Laser Vaginal Tightening in New Delhi India (English Subs)

What is Laser Vaginal Tightening ?

Today I am going to show you a new gadget based on new technology which can improve your married life drastically. It is called CO2 fractional laser. It’s a very powerful laser.

If I say you that, by using this laser in your partner or wife’s vagina It will make it tight and increase your sexual pleasure and enjoyment. So, will you believe this ? No ! But yes ! It is true, and this technique is called Non surgical vaginal rejuvenation.

Non surgical vaginal rejuvenation means without surgery tightening the vagina is now available in New Delhi India at Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta’s centre.

There are so many males, after marriage they blame themselves and their physical size. But, the actual problem is that the vaginal parts of a women become loose after baby delivery. Even they don’t feel pleasure due to this reason. Some patients consume medicines for increasing their penis size and sometimes it works though but ! If we tighten the vagina itself Like it was before, when it was young and before having a child. Like a normal vagina. Then so many marriages, couples and patients will be saved.

This is called vaginal rejuvenation.

There are four parts of laser vaginal rejuvenation

First part is to improve the dullness and colour of the outer vagina. Second is to strengthen the muscle which is responsible for pleasure. And third is to tighten the inside part of the vagina which got loose due to major operation or delivery of a baby.

The laser machine consist of different probes. One such probe is to get inside the vagina and burns it in small parts which makes it tight. And normally after 3 – 4 sitting, the female partner feels her vagina tight and better and also her husband starts to feel pleasure like before.

What are the benefits, what are the procedure we can do and how many females got the benefits from this laser machine We will know about this all today !

Today we have with us, Special Dermatologist and Ladies doctor Dr Shankila Mittal. Let’s hear from her, how to use this machine.

Dr Shankila Mittal please tell us about Yourself.

[Dr Shankila Mittal] : Hello, everyone. My name is Dr Shankila Mittal I am a practicing skin specialist in delhi, and connected with Govinda medicentre in all the skin treatments. Recently we have introduced the machine for vaginal tightening which are giving good results.

Dr. Vijayant : I usually get the male patients. the most common complaint is after marriage, we have two children but we are not able to enjoy that much. It is also due to minor and major operation such as episiotomy which are common nowadays. So, does this technology can help those females?

[Dr Shankila Mittal] : This technology is made for those females whose vagina gets loose due to normal delivery which cause reduced sexual pleasure. By tightening this, it can rejuvenate the vagina as before. and restore the sexual pleasure again

Dr Vijayant :Does vaginal tightening really works, Or, it’s just a marketing gimmick?

[Dr Shankila Mittal] : This technology is scientifically proven and well researched with literature that this technology works. From last 6-8 months 25 – 30 cases have been done.

Dr. Vijayant : How many patients came in follow up and also how was the result till now?

[Dr Shankila Mittal] : Till now all the patients are happy with this technology and also got benefits. Here, it is important to properly examine the patient and select whether they are suitable or not. Right setting should be used for proper benefits for the patients.

Dr. Vijayant : So, can you tell us how to use this vaginal tightening machine? How many time the patients has to visit us? How are the sessions conducted ? If someone plans to do this then what should she expect ?

[Dr Shankila Mittal] : The first thing is to know what are the symptoms? If it is getting loose, is it a little in amount. Or a little amount of urine leakage during cough. Or while mating you are not feeling the intense pleasure and feeling loose if your other things are ok. Your outer labia become loose, wrinkled and hanging this machine will be very helpful in these situation. This machine is fractional CO2 laser here, the laser beams are shooted, which will create micro thermal zones in the skin.

It has various setting, and we optimize it according to the patients requirements. And we can optimize the probe size for vagina tightening after deciding the setting. We can change the setting according to our need by zooming in and out by taking it more deep or reduce the depth energy can be optimized which will effect in tightening.

There are different types of probes are there in this machine. which are made specially for only vaginal tightening.

Is Vaginal Tightening painful?

[Dr Shankila Mittal] : No, it’s not painful because we apply cream before the procedure for which the skin becomes numbed and the patient don’t feel the pain.,

Does the patient has to be unconscious?

[Dr Shankila Mittal] : No, he don’t have to it can be done in rest or while eating also does the patient has to be admitted or released in the same date? it’s a procedure of only half-n-hour and the patient is released. so, no need of admission They can continue their daily routine right after the procedure.

When will the patient will be ready for intercourse after vaginal tightening?

[Dr Shankila Mittal] : They can start mating after 1-2 days will there be any pain while mating? No, there will be no pain, the setting is already decided regarding that you should not face any issues so, until what age of female can do this procedure? its depend upon the loose, if loosening starts at young age then you do it in young age. Or if you having loosening in old age it is not related to age, its depend upon the loose of the vagina it is more beneficial in the early stages of loosening for better results.

If example, the lady has only one child And if she does it, is there any problem for delivering one more child?

[Dr Shankila Mittal] : No problems will occur for the second child. Infact it’s a good thing by tightening after giving birth so, there will not be loosening during next child, your tightness will sustain.

How many times do the lady has to visit here?

[Dr Shankila Mittal] : Normally, we advice once in a month, and at least 4 – 6 session required so, you have to visit 4 – 6 times when do you achieve the final result or it sufficient when you get it first? the result of first session will be sustained, it will not degrade. and you will feel the results after three consecutive sessions. ok

Thank you friends, for seeing this video you can contact me regarding any issues as always, you will get a affordable treatment plans for these reasons.

Thank you so much, take care.

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