Laparoscopic Removal of Appendix In
New Delhi India

Disclaimer- Acute appendicitis is an emergency requiring urgent qualified medical advice. This page is for information on laparoscopic appendix removal in New Delhi India. If you have acute appendicitis or suspected to have acute appendicitis, rush to an emergency immediately.

Laparoscopic surgery for appendix removal (laparoscopic appendectomy) maybe done in an emergency setting before lump formation or is an elective procedure performed 6 to 8 weeks after the acute episode has settled.

Trust your doctor or surgeon and follow their advice.

I run emergency services at the following centers in Delhi NCR. You may reach here, but I do not guarantee treatment once you reach. Your case may get complicated due to waiting and the decision is yours. I do not claim to treat acute appendicitis with 100% success as it may behave and respond variably according to clinical situation.

Do not consider the contents of this page as authentic or emergency treatment over and above your doctors advice.

Laparoscopic Removal of Appendix In

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Consultant Urologist and laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi NCR. My team specialize in laparoscopic treatment of appendix. I also do not operate after 72 hours of pain onset of acute appendicitis or advise surgical treatment if a lump has formed.

What Is The Treatment of Acute Appendicitis?

The treatment of acute appendicitis, if the onset or duration is less than 48 hours and there is no lump is appendicectomy or appendectomy or removal of the appendix.

Ideally and my preference is to perform open surgery for appendix removal during this period. Why i recommend it is that –

  • Open surgery is the standard of care
  • Can be done in regional anesthesia, avoids general anaesthesia
  • Allows good lavage and washing of the abdomen
  • The inflamed appendix is very friable and prone to rupture, the surgeons hands are the best for delicate surgery during these trying times
  • Allows additional manouvres to give good results

But today laparoscopic appendectomy in the emergency setting is also becoming easy and more and more cases by me are being done by lap. But there may be a need to convert to open at any time.

When To Do Laparoscopic Appendicectomy?

Elective laparoscopic appendectomy or laparoscopic appendectomy when a patient develops acute appendicitis and the pain resolves and he misses surgery. I wait for 4 to 6 weeks of complete resolution of symptoms to perform laparoscopic appendectomy. it allows easy surgery, quick recovery, minimal complications and early discharge and return to work.

Is Laparoscopic Appendectomy An Emergency Procedure?

No, laparoscopic appendectomy is an elective procedure and requires the patient to wait for 4 weeks after the attack. It may always happen that the patient has another attack in the middle and it is preferable that the patient undergoes an open procedure at that time.

Is Appendix An Essential Organ?

No, the appendix is an vestigial organ, usually patients do no miss their appendix.

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