Peyronie’s Disease Treatment In
New Delhi, India

Peyronie’s disease is a disease of men characterized by formation of fibrous plaques in the penis which can cause pain, erectile dysfunction and bending of the penis. Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta in New Delhi India is the most qualified surgeon for No Scalpel Vasectomy In New Delhi, India. On this page read more about Peyronie’s disease and its treatment options available. Also learn about the Peyronie’s disease treatment cost.

No Scalpel Vasectomy In New Delhi, India

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Options Available At Our Clinic

  • Medication
  • Penile Traction Therapy
  • Low Intensity Shock Wave therapy
  • Injectible therapy – Xiaflex , Hyalase and Verapamil
  • Surgical resection of plaque with reconstruction
  • Penile Implants for Peyronie’s
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What Is Peyronie’s Disease ?

The disease onset is usually mild and benign but the disease is progressive. With time the curvature can become significant.

The condition can progress rapidly leading also to erectile dysfunction. Early treatment corrects the deformity and prevents progression.

The disease is more frequent in diabetic men but can occur in normal men also.

Here is an excellent article to understand the disease process better. Its a Webmd article.

Non Surgical Treatment Of Peyronie’s Disease

peyronies treatment options

There are certain conservative non surgical treatment options for peyronie’s disease. These treatment options can give good results in correctly selected patients.

Non surgical treatment options are preferred in the following men

  • Acute phase – where plaque is painful and curvature has not formed
  • Mild curvature – bend is less than 30 degrees
  • Plaque is small
  • Erectile dysfunction has not happened – can still have sex

The non surgical options include the following either alone or in combination.

  1. Medication – Certain anti inflammatory medications are known to halt the disease progression. These include drugs like verapamil, rutoside, Colchicine, Quinones and others. Usually more useful in the acute phase. Usually combined with other therapies.
  2. Injections – Certain injections prevent fibrosis and help in penile fibrosis resolution. Xiaflex is still not available in india. The drugs more commonly used in India include Verapamil, Long acting steroids, Hyalase and Anti Inflammatory compositions like Mitomycin C.
  3. Traction therapy to improve curvature – Use of the Androcure device to allow curvature correction. It is the only FDA approved device allowed to be used in this patient population.

Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy And Peyronie’s Disease

Progressive low intensity shock wave along with medication can help break the plaque and improve results.

In a recent study from Korea, where this approach was used in 30 men, LiSWT not only improved erections but also reduced plaque density and improved curvature. (Ref : Eric C, Korean Journal of Urology)

At my practice we will always combine LiSWT with medication, injections and traction therapy. Usually resulting in excellent improvements.

Surgical Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

In case the plaques don’t resolve with the non surgical treatment or the patient has developed Erectile dysfunction, surgical treatment is indicated.

The surgical treatment includes resection of the plaque, correction of curvature and placement of a penile prosthesis if required.

The surgical treatment options include

  • Plaque excision – The fibrosed plaque is excised allowing correction of deformity
  • Excision grafting – The raw area needs to be quilted to prevent venous leakage. Materials used by me to graft the area include venous patch, Daron patch, Buccal mucosa graft and inner preputial free graft.
  • Placement of penile implant – if erections are compromised or the disease is severe, an implant placement is necessary.

Penile Implants In Peyronie’s Disease

Penile implant placement in a fibrosed shortened penis is the most difficult surgery that prosthesis surgeons can do. It requires ancillary skills like cavernotomy and intimate knowledge of the penile anatomy. Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta has the most extensive experience in Penile Implant Surgery for Peyronie’s Disease in India. Read about a difficult case here with pictures.

Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Cost In New Delhi India

The most affordable peyronie’s disease treatment is available in New Delhi India. The costs are indicative. Contact for more detailed quotes.


Cost (INR)

Cost (USD)


5000 / session

125 / session

LiSWT (Shockwave)

4000 / Session

150 / Session

Androcure Traction Device



Surgical Correction (Excluding Implant)



Penile Implant Extra

35000 to 700000

500 – 9000