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Sebaceous Cyst Of Scrotum Treatment In New Delhi
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Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Urologist in New Delhi India who specializes in the treatment of Sebaceous Cysts of the scrotum. On this page you will find curated information on Sebaceous Cyst of Scrotum including treatment options, laser surgery and excision.

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What Are Sebaceous Cysts And Why Do They Occur On The Scrotum ?

Sebaceous cysts are collections of foul smelling material that occur in sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands occur in the base of hair follicles and secrete sebum. If the punctum or opening of these glands close, then sebum begins to build up leading to cyst or round swelling formation.

Sebaceous cysts can occur on any part of the body where there are hair. The scrotum or the ball sac is the most hairy part of the body. Due to this reason sebaceous cysts on the scrotum are very common.

What Problems Can Sebaceous Cyst On The Scrotum Cause?

Generally the sebaceous cysts are benign. They do not cause any problems to man. Most patients seek sebaceous cyst removal in India for the ugly appearance. The common problems these can cause are

  • The sebaceous cysts of the scrotum can get infected. This can lead to pain, abscess and boils.
  • These cysts can be extremely itchy.
  • The cysts can sometimes rupture or open leading to leakage of very foul smelling liquid.
  • The sebaceous cysts of the scrotum can give a very ugly look. This can lead to depression and low self esteem in men.

What Are The Treatment Options For Sebaceous Cyst Removal In New Delhi India ?

There are two basic treatment options for removing these dirty ugly swellings from the ball sac / scrotum.

  • Excision – The entire scrotal skin can be removed and and remaining skin be stitched back.
  • Laser Sebaceous Cyst removal – In this each cyst is removed one by one. Using a laser the cyst wall is excised and the cyst removed en toto.

What Is Sebaceous Cyst of The Scrotum Excision ?

If the cyst number is very large or the cysts have turned very hard (Calcinosis), then one by one removal is not possible. In that scenario, the entire area of cysts are removed and the remaining skin stitched back.

Multiple Bunch of Grapes Sebaceous cyst on Scrotum | Excised and reconstructed in toto

The surgery is painless and bloodless. Healing is complete in 10 days and patient can go back home same day.

Laser Sebaceous Cyst Scrotum Removal In New Delhi India | Bloodless And Painless

If the number of cysts are less, then instead of cutting the skin, with help of laser cyst can be removed one by one.

The surgery is painless and bloodless. There are no stitches used so patient can go back to work same day.

If you are suffering from Sebaceous Cyst of the scrotum and looking for a convenient and cheap treatment option, then Govinda healthcare is the correct destination for you.

Treatment Cost For Sebaceous Cyst Removal In New Delhi India

The cost for sebaceous cyst scrotum removal in New Delhi India is as follows.

  • Sebaceous Cyst scrotum Laser removal cost – INR 10000 (1 – 4 cysts), INR 15000 (4 – 8 cysts), INR 20000 (9 – 12 cysts)
  • Sebaceous Cyst Excision cost in New Delhi India – INR 75000 to 1 Lac (Depending on Number of cysts)

Sebaceous cyst removal is covered under most insurance schemes.