Regenerative Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction |
Platelet Rich Plasma (P Shot) & PBSC India

Govinda Medicentre in India (New Delhi) is a Center of Excellence for Regenerative Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction. We offer Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (P-Shot) and Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC) treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (Also called as ED) in India (New Delhi)

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Cost of P Shot (PRP) & PBSC For Erectile Dysfunction

  • P Shot cost in India (New Delhi) – $200 (US Dollar) for each session
  • PBSC treatment cost in India (New Delhi) – $1500 (US Dollar) for each session

Choose Us For P Shot In India (New Delhi)

  • Most experienced doctor for this therapy in India
  • Advanced technology for excellent results
  • Laboratory confirmed P Shot production process – Highest concentration of Platelets in every ml.
  • No equipment reused – only disposables used.
  • Lowest cost for P Shot in India
  • Ultra sterile labs with standard operating protocols
  • High level infection control practices
  • No risk of blood borne infections
  • All options for ED treatment available under one roof
  • From medicines to Penile Implants – One stop shop

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