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ZSR Circumcision In New Delhi India

Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta is India’s Top ZSR Circumcision Specialist Surgeon. Dr. Gupta introduced the ZSR Circumcision device in India in 2016. He holds the world record for the maximum Circumcision by ZSR Device done by a single surgeon.

ZSR Circumcision is a revolutionary new technology for treating phimosis. It is a premium branded surgical stapler device for circumcision developed by ZSR Biomedical Technology company in China. Dr VG Gupta is trained in ZSR circumcision from China. He introduced ZSR Circumcision in Delhi, India. He is the only authorized center for ZSR Circumcision in North India. Our Clinic in New Delhi India is also the International training center for ZSR Circumcision globally.

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India’s Number One Surgeon For Zsr Circumcision – Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta

  1. First Surgeon and Urologist to use ZSR Circumcision in India (2016)
  2. Only Surgeon to train in ZSR Biomedical Factory in China
  3. Only authorised center in North India for the “Original” ZSR Circumcision
  4. Only Certified surgeon for “ZSR Circumcision method” by ZSR Biomedical China
  5. Head trainer for ZSR Circumcision in India
  6. More than 10000 sucessful ZSR Circumcisions performed in India (more than 10,000)
  7. Introduced ZSR Circumcision program in UAE, Australia, Nepal, Bangladesh, USA and 12 more countries.
  8. Developed techniques to perform ZSR Circumcision in Difficult cases
  9. Popularised the original ZSR Circumcision technique in India
  10. Faculty for ZSR Circumcision training in Urological Society of India
  11. Holds the Trademark, patent and copyright to the ZSR Brand name in India

What Is ZSR Circumcision (Original)?

Discover the pinnacle of surgical stapling with the ZSR Circumcision Device, the unrivaled innovation brought to you by Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta.

Elevate your circumcision experience with this cutting-edge tool, meticulously designed for the exclusive purpose of performing the Original ZSR Circumcision.

Unlike traditional methods that entail a surgeon’s manual incision and stitching process, the ZSR Circumcision Technology revolutionizes the procedure. Seamlessly combining cutting and stitching functions, this state-of-the-art device offers unparalleled speed and virtually painless execution, ensuring a swift and comfortable experience for patients.

The ZSR technique not only accelerates the procedure but also promotes optimal healing. By mechanizing the cutting process, it minimizes scarring, resulting in a scarless healing process that enhances overall patient satisfaction.

Experience the benefits firsthand – reduced bleeding and minimized discomfort.

It’s important to note that only the authentic ZSR device features this distinctive silicon ring, setting it apart from imitations.

In the realm of the Original ZSR Circumcision device, staples are secured to the ring, offering a unique advantage – the ring naturally detaches over time, ensuring a seamless healing process.

Elevate your circumcision experience with the Original ZSR Circumcision device – setting new standards in surgical innovation, patient comfort, and optimal healing.

About ZSR Biomedical Company

Established in 2013, DONGGUAN ZSR Biomedical Tech is a high-tech Chinese company specializing in urology and medical devices. With top certifications like ISO13485 and FDA approvals, they offer quality products, including urology consumables and imaging systems, serving global hospitals.

Choose Original ZSR
  • Painless Procedure: Experience a painless circumcision journey with ZSR. No discomfort during or after the surgery.
  • Bloodless Technique: Rest assured, ZSR ensures a bloodless circumcision procedure, eliminating any risk of bleeding.
  • Scarless Outcome: Choose ZSR for a surgery that leaves no scars, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result.
  • Partial Circumcision Option: ZSR provides the flexibility for partial circumcision, allowing the retention or preservation of the foreskin as desired.
  • Swift Procedure: Experience quick circumcision without compromising quality – the ZSR procedure takes just 2 minutes.
  • Diabetes-Friendly: The original ZSR Circumcision utilizes high-quality, diabetes-safe silicon, ensuring a safe procedure for individuals with diabetes.
  • Expert Surgeons: ZSR circumcision is only performed by trained and qualified surgeons, guaranteeing precision and safety.
  • Guaranteed Results: Trust in ZSR’s safety is so unwavering that we offer a money-back guarantee, reflecting our confidence in the procedure.
  • Cosmetically Superior: ZSR circumcision not only prioritizes functionality but also delivers cosmetically superior results for enhanced satisfaction.

Beware of “Fake” ZSR Circumcision And Laser Circumcision

ZSR Circumcision is a premium device only available at authorised centers in India. List of authorised centers for Original ZSR Circumcision.

Recently some private interests and doctors have started marketing cheap chinese imitations as “ZSR Circumcision”. These are fake and may cause permanent damage to your penis. Laser Circumcision is not ZSR Circumcision. Laser circumcision also involves cutting and stitiching and is much inferior to even conventional circumcision. (Read more here)

(Laser Circumcision / Fake ZSR) Vs (Original ZSR Circumcision)

Lets understand why the Original ZSR Circumcision is superior to the Laser Circumcision & Fake ZSR devices.

ParameterOriginal ZSR CircumcisionFake ZSR & Laser Circumcision
SurgeonTrained, Qualified and Certified. Only Urologist allowed to use device.Untrained surgeons with no training. Device available to quacks also.
Device Build QualityDevice made of Stainless Steel. High quality titanium clips.Device made of plastic. Stainless steel staples.
Silicon Ring QualityBioimplantable grade siliconCheap Silicon or no silicon ring
SterilityEach device packed in gamma Irradiated packagingDevice not packaged in sterile containers.
India FDA Registered DeviceYesNo
CertificationsCE approved. ISO approved. WHO GMP certified. Patented product.No Certification
Interantional AcceptanceAvailable in 15 countries and EuropeNot used in any country except India
DiabetesSafeNot safe
InfectionAlmost zero25 – 30 %
BleedingNoAlmost everytime
StitchesNo (True Stitchless)Stitches used
Staple Fall Rate95%25%
Cosmetic ResultHigh and AssuredDepends on patients luck
Swelling after SurgeryNoAlways
SizesAll sizes from 6 to 36Depends on supplier and doctor

Fake Staplers are imported into India without FDA registration.

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Types Of ZSR Circumcision : Partial (Hindu Style) Vs Total (Muslim Style)

The ZSR Circumcision device allows us to perform circumcision in two styles. The difference is explained in below table.

TypePartial ZSR CircumcisionTotal ZSR Circumcision
StyleHindu Style CircumcisionMuslim Style Circumcision
Also CalledLow and Loose CircumcisionHigh and Tight Circumcision
Foreskin SavedYesNo
Flaccid Penis (Non Erect)Skin covers glansSkin does not cover glans
Erect penisSkin retractsForeskin retracts
Risk of ShorteningNoYes
Risk of SenstivityYesNo
Recommended ForAdultsFor Children, Diabetes, Premature Ejaculation

ZSR Circumcision Variants Available In India

After the blockbuster success of the Original ZSR Device in India we are now happy to launch the next genration version – ZSR Green (V 2.0). The next vasriant was required because of two specific reasons. Manging difficult cases and for patients with scarred frenulum.

ZSR Green variant has two modifications.

  1. Observation window – This allows the surgeon to observe the sin being cut. This is especially useful in men with diabetes, completely closed skin and men who are very specific with how much skin to remove.
  2. Frenular Notch – This notch allows us to manage men with previous frenuloplasty or scarred frenulum.
types of zsr circumcision

Original ZSR Circumcision : Technique And Recovery

Experience advanced ZSR circumcision, a safe and affordable procedure, introduced by Dr. Vijayant G Gupta in New Delhi, India.

ZSR Circumcision Technical Steps
AnaesthesiaTriple anaesthesia ensures a painless procedure. Medications used are imported and branded. A combination of Local Spray, Gel and block is used for a painless recovery.
ZSR Circumcision DurationA brief 5-minute surgery performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to return home the same day.
StitchesNo stitches are needed, enhancing comfort and recovery.