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Kidney Stone Treatment In New Delhi
India | Essential Guide On Kidney Stone Surgery

What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidneys (also called Renal or Reniform) are two organs. They filter water and waste products from the blood into the urine. Kidney stones (also called renal calculi or urolithaisis) are stones that are formed in the kidney.

How Do Kidney Stones Form?

There are many theories regarding formation of kidney stones. Kidney Stone formation theory suggests that in some finite amount of liquid, only a certain amount of salt can be dissolved and when that capacity is exceeded the salt moves out like crystals.

Similarly, the kidney regularly removes dangerous salts like calcium, oxalate and phosphate by mixing it with water and excreting it as urine. If the amount of water is less in the urine (concentrated urine) or the amount of salts is very high, they will form stones in the kidney.

Kidney Stone Specialist Doctor In New Delhi India

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Best Urologist in India who specialises in the surgical treatment of Kidney Stones.

Which Are The Most Common Type Of Kidney Stones In India?

The most common type of Kidney stones are Calcium Oxalate.

Delhi and surrounding areas  lie in the kidney stone belt of India.

Why Do Kidney Stones Form In The Delhi Population?

India and Delhi is a stone belt. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Climate – Delhi has hot Summers. This produces severe sweating, leading to highly concentrated urine.
  2. Water intake – Delhi is a dry area. Lack of potable water affects people as intake of water is less.
  3. Diet – Delhi diet is rich in stone forming elements like salt and fat.

All these conditions make Delhi the ideal population for kidney stone formation.

What Are The Various Surgical Options For Kidney Stone Surgery And Cost ?

Surgical ModalityBrief DescriptionCostRead More
PCNLPuncture in the back to reach kidney and remove stone1000 – 1250 $Link
URSLSemi Rigid Ureteroscope to remove stones in ureter1000 – 2000 $Link
RIRSFlexible Uretero-renoscopy1500 – 2500 $Link
ESWLSound Shock Waves to break stone500 – 1000 $Link
Mini PERCMiniture PCNL for smaller access tracks and smaller puncture1500 – 2500 $Link

What Is The Cost Of Kidney Stone Treatment In Delhi India?

Kidney Stone treatment cost in Delhi India has a very wide range.

It can range between 60000 to 110000 Rupees.

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The Most Economical Kidney Stone Doctor In New Delhi India?

Keeping all things in consideration like

  • Economy
  • Facilities for Kidney Stone Surgery in Delhi
  • Kidney Stone composition and size
  • Kidney anatomy
  • Kidney Stone Patient factors such as size, sex and weight
  • Any previous Kidney Stone surgeries

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is the best Urologist for Kidney Stones treatment in New Delhi India.