Scientific Sexology In New Delhi India

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Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Qualified Urologist with vast experience in Andrology. Read below to understand about sexology and related specialities. Beware of quacks and frauds. Consult only qualified andrologists for your sexology needs.

Why Is There A Stigma Attached To A Sexologist?

The term sexologist in India, brings to mind visions from trains, with “Babas and Quacks” trading their wears to ill informed and naive public. This association is so strong and sex such a taboo, in the Indian society, that very few people ever search or actually make a move to own their own sexuality. The big step to identify sexual problems, and take a step to get it treated is seldom taken.

All genders can suffer from sexual disorders. It may be the young girl not able to come to terms with her menstural cycles or painful menses. It may be the young man concerned about nocturnal emissions (night fall). It may be the troubled housewife struggling with her orgasms or the high flyer dealing with premature ejaculations. It may be the old uncles inability to satisfy his partners still young appetite.

I personally support LGBT rights and the right to choosing ones gender orientation and identity. And this community suffers from one of the most complicated and tough sexual disorders to manage.

In such an oppressive society, anything to do with sex gets marginalised and stigmatised, including terms like sexology and sex clinic.

And this creates a fertile soil for quacks to feed on the fears and legitimate problems of the society under the terms abandoned by the scientific diaspora.

Reclaiming Sexology For Science

Sexology is a fine art and an extremely scientific branch. Hundreds of years of research has gone into defining sexology into a meritorious branch. In European and American societies where sex is embraced as an essential need, sexology is practiced with distinction by scientific men.

It is my endeavor to reclaim sexology from the realm of quack and hacks, and bring it back into the mainstream of science.

I am a trained Andrologist with emphasis in the Mens Health Clinic Approach. Treating sexual disorders in men is my interest and expertise.

Sexology is not only limited to men and I recognize that.

The commonly treatable sex disorders in women include –

  1. Disorders of Orgasm
  2. Difficult intercourse or paiful intercourse (Dyspareunia)
  3. Recurrent Sexual Infections
  4. Recurrent urinary tract infections
  5. Inability to conceive (Realm of the Gynaecologist)