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Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is the foremost expert on Surgical Treatment of Premature Ejaculation in New Delhi India. On this page read about the various surgical options available to treat Early Discharge problem in men. 

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The Problem Of Premature Ejaculation In New Delhi India

Premature ejaculation (early seminal discharge) is defined by the International society of sexual medicine (ISSM) and Indian Society of Surgical Cure of Premature Ejaculation as discharge of semen (early discharge) in less than a minute of sex (vaginal penetration). Premature Ejaculation is a very common cause of sexual problem in Indian couples today. It is a common problem for which men in Delhi and India undergo surgery.

Surgically Correctable Causes For Premature Ejaculation

There are several medical reasons for premature ejaculation like anxiety, erectile dysfunction, neurological diseases, infections and diabetes. 

But one of the most common and least understood surgical cause of premature ejaculation in Indian men is Phimosis and tight frenulum.

Other causes are hypersensitive glans and loose PC complex (Bulbospongiosus)

Read more about Phimosis and Tight frenulum here.

Circumcision And Frenuloplasty To Cure Premature Ejaculation

In a population study done by scientists in China in 2015, it was found that young healthy males with phimosis and tight frenulum are 10 times more likely to have premature ejaculation than normal men.

They also found that discharge time increased from 1 minute to 12 minutes after surgery for premature ejaculation was done. (Reference)

Circumcision and Frenuloplasty are valid surgical options for treating early discharge problem in men.

Other Options For Surgical Treatment Of Premature Ejaculation

There are several surgical options for treating this problem.

  1. Circumcision – Removing the foreskin, exposes the glans. This induces cornification of the glans skin and reduces sensitivity of the penis head. Allowing longer emission times.
  2. Frenuloplasty – Releasing the frenulum, makes sex more enjoyable and reduces pain during penetration.
  3. Dorsal Neurectomy or Ventral Neurectomy – Reduces senstivity of the glans and also delays neural reflex arch for ejaculation
  4. Glanular Denerving – similar to neurectomy
  5. Botox injection to the bulbocavernosus complex – Prevents emission
  6. Glans augmentation with fillers for reducing senstivity – Reduces senstivity
  7. Division and ligation of the Bulbospongiosus muscle complex – Similar to botox, more invasive
  8. PRP Therapy of Glans and Sensory nerves – Reduces Senstivity and increases nerve latency
  9. SWITCH therapy from Korea

One or more options can be combined to gain excellent results. All treatment modalities are covered in great detail in my videos and website.

Switch Treatment For Premature Ejaculation Now In New Delhi India

The TRUEMAN MAN CLINIC in Korea has developed revolutionary technique for Neurectomy without really doing a neurectomy.

This technique which is used to reduce sensations from the glans while preserving nerves is a true revolution in PME treatment. (Link).

Their technique is a private secret that is only available in Korea.

But, because they have not shared results or data with anyone in the world. I do not believe their results.

I have also been developing a similar technique of nerve anesthesia with graft technique. This technique called ND-SWITCH Neo technique is a revolution.

Using small incision, nerves can be blocked using our in house high tech graft. This graft can be reversed if required. Results are tremendous.

If you wish to try this technique you can contact clinic for SWITCH technique in India.

25 year old Anil and 24 year old Sunita were recently married one year back. But they presented in severe distress. They were considering divorce. Sunita was angry. She just wasn’t satisfied in bed. And Anil was distraught. He had tried everything, but he just couldn’t do anything. And the problem was there from day 1 of marriage. On examining Anil had premature ejaculation.

He had surgical correctable cause of premature ejaculation. He also had recurrent urinary infections. He chose to undergo premature ejaculation surgery in Delhi to treat early discharge.

3 months after the surgery for premature ejaculation in India, they met me again. This time things had changed. Anil had surgically cured his premature ejaculation. With the operation for premature ejaculation Anil was now more able to enjoy intimacy with sunita and she was now willing to work more on their relationship. The vicious cycle of stress, anxiety and anger was broken.

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