Complications of Laser Circumcision
| Avoid Laser Circumcision in New Delhi India

Today I will discuss 2 patients who underwent laser circumcision and suffered horrible complications. Laser circumcision can cause difficulties. Done with poor technique it can cause major long lasting problems. Avoid laser circumcision at all costs. Thankfully, I could revise both the cases with the help of ZSR Technology.

Complications of Laser Circumcision

  • Burning of skin edges
  • Use of sutures
  • Contraction and secondary phimosis
  • Severe scar
  • Non healing wound
  • Expensive

Video on Laser Circumcision in New Delhi India

Patient 1 – Underwent Laser Circumcision – Non Healing Wound

Laser circumcision requires that the skin be cut with a high energy beam. This beam makes the surgery bloodless but at the same time can burn the margins. These burnt margins then do not heal. Like in this case.

Patient 2 – Contraction and secondary phimosis after Laser Circumcision

Scar Contracture and Secondary Phimosis after Laser Circumcision

This patient underwent Laser Circumcision. Because of burning of skin, the skin edges contracted on healing and led to secondary phimosis.