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What Is Paraphimosis | Paraphimosis
Treatment In India (New Delhi)

Paraphimosis is a Urological condition affecting males with tight foreskin (prepuce) in which the prepuce gets stuck behind the glans head. Paraphimosis is usually an emergency and requires immediate attention from a Urologist. The emergency treatment is reduction of paraphimoisis. The phimotic ring is cut and the end aim is to bring the foreskin back to its original location. This skin will then need formal management in the form of Circumcision. The preferred treatment is ZSR Circumcision for Paraphimosis.

Paraphimosis Treatment in New Delhi

ZSR Circumcision In Paraphimosis

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ZSR Circumcision In Paraphimosis

Paraphimosis is a surgical condition in which the foreskin or prepuce gets stuck (retained) behind the coronal sulcus (glans head) in uncircumcised men. This is painful and causes discomfort to the man. The stuck skin becomes swollen and red and looks inflamed and the glans head becomes exposed and may pain due to sensitivity.

Paraphimosis occures in men with intact prepuce who have phimosis.

It usually occurs in young adults during erection after masturbation or during their first intercourse experience when the skin get pulled behind forcefully. In some cases it may happen after bathing or during applying ointment to glans or during stretching exercises.

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What Is The Emergency Treatment For Paraphimosis?

Paraphimosis is an emergency. Because the skin will not go back spontaneously and as the man tries more, the skin keeps getting more and more painful and inflamed. If you have paraphimosis, then the first step you can take is to take a painkiller and contact a Urologist.

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The emergency treatment cost for Paraphimosis reduction will vary according to center.

Paraphimosis reduction is the treatment in the emergency situation. Using surgical manouvres, the skin is brought back to its location. It may require one or all of the below mentioned techniques

  1. Local anesthesis
  2. Compression and reduction
  3. Injection Hyalase
  4. Puncture and expression of fluid
  5. Dorsal Slit
  6. Circumcision

What Is The Definitive Treatment For Paraphimosis?

Once the paraphimosis is reduced and the patient is comfortable, the next step is to treat the foreskin problem definitively. This will require surgery in the form of Circumcision once the inflammation settles.

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What Is The Paraphimosis Treatment Cost In Delhi India?

paraphimosis Treatment cost in India

The emergency treatment cost of Paraphimosis varies. Obviously cost will vary at a procedure 4 am in the night versus day time. But, usually excluding medicines it should cost about 5000 rupees at most centers. ZSR Circumcision plus Paraphimosis treatment cost is 27400 INR all inclusive.