Urethral Stricture Treatment In Delhi

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Urologist in New Delhi India with more than 14 years of Experience. With vast experience in  Urology and Urethral Stricture Treatment In Delhi, he follows best global practices in Urological surgery. He is a full member of the European Association of Urology and Urological Society of India. He is an ex member of the American Urological Association. Trained and India and abroad, he provides consultation and surgeries at his practice in New Delhi India.

What Is A Urethra And What Is Urethral Stricture

Urethral stricture is a difficult disease to manage, both for the patient and the treating surgeon. The male urethra is a pipe that carries urine from the bladder to the outside. It is the tube inside your penis. This tube is normally smooth and has a large diameter, so urine and sex fluids come out easily, but sometimes, this tube may become damaged and cause many problems.

Urethral stricture treatment in India is a fine art. It comes in the realm of cosmetic urology and in this disease, the first surgery for urethral stricture is the best surgery. So, be aware choosing a surgeon or surgery which promises you the easy way out, may not be a prudent decision.

I have worked and trained with the best surgeons and departments in India, specializing in the treatment of urethral stricture. I have performed more than 1000 successful surgeries for Urethral Stricture in India.

What Are The Common Causes Of Urethral Stricture

As shown in the above diagram, when the urine pipe gets blocked or narrow, its called a urethral stricture. This stricture can be any part from the tip to up to the bladder. There are many causes for urethral stricture.

Some of the common causes for stricture are

  • Stone passage
  • Sexual Disease
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Syphillis/Tuberculosis
  • Trauma/Bicycling
  • Urethritis/Pus in urethra
  • Past urethral surgery

Balanitis Xerotica Obliternas – in indian men without circumcision

But most people will never have any definite history. They will just present with their disease.

What Are The Symptoms of Urethral Stricture?

The stricture itself can present in may ways, but the common symptoms are

  • Difficulty in passing urine
  • Thin stream
  • Straining to pass urine/ urine coming in drops
  • burning in urine
  • not able to ejaculate
  • semen coming in drops

If you have these symptoms or have been diagnosed with urethral stricture, you should see a urologistHe will order a MCU/RGU test to diagnose.

What Are The Options For Urethtral Stricture Treatment In India?

At my urethral stricture treatment clinic in New Delhi India, the complete treatment for urethral stricture is available.

Every lastest modality of surgery is available ranging from the latest high tech lasers to endoscopy (OIU) and the latest techniques of urethroplasty.

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