Penile Fracture Treatment In New Delhi India |
Emergency Guide For Patients

Penis fracture is an emergency, kindly visit an emergency room right now. You need urgent surgical care. If living nearby, connect with us for the most advanced penis fracture treatment in new delhi india.

Emergency SOS Number 09592999184 / 01128712107

Emergency Address : Apollo Spectra Hospital, Karol Bagh (Ask for Dr Vijayant govinda gupta)

Cost of Emergency Penis Fracture treatment : 75000 INR plus investigation and medicines

Early management of fracture penis can preserve potency, prevent complication and provide early recovery. If you are contemplating treatment and are in or around New Delhi, Gurgaon and Adjoining areas and can reach an Emergency Room in my vicinity within 6 hours then consider reaching the Emergency.

Best Penis Fracture Treatment Delhi & Gurgaon

I am a Consultant Urologist in Delhi NCR India and Andrologist in Delhi NCR Gurgaon. I specialise in the treatment of fracture penis, but being an emergency condition kindly do not delay treatment just to reach me. Kindly visit an emergency room right now. If you are in Delhi and can reach my emergency room within 6 hours, then proceed now. See details of my hospital and clinic here.

What Is Penile Fracture?

Penile fracture is a break in the rigid erect penis that usually occurs while having vigorous sex. Usually woman on top position predisposes to this. You may have felt a “Pop” sound with pain, loss of erection and swelling and bruising on the penis. There is collection of blood in the penis and the penis swells up and becomes deformed.

What to Do In Case of Penile Fracture?

Do the following –

  1. Do not worry or panic – get dressed, calm your partner, avoid embarrassment
  2. Do not ignore or avoid – reach an emergency room now
  3. Apply some ice fomentation on the fractured organ or penis
  4. If you have a painkiller take one – do not eat or drink anything else. (voveron sr 100 mg / combiflam / or ultracet)
  5. Rush to the emergency with the  facility of an andrologist or urologist on call (09592999184 / 01128712107)

What Is The Treatment of Fracture Penis?

The treatment of Penis Fracture in New Delhi India is urgent surgery. The urologist will drain the collected blood, repair the fracture and provide bandaging and pain relief.

You will require complete abstinence for 3 weeks but mostly will improve to normal usually.

Penile fracture can injure the urethra or cause urethral stricture or impotence. Surgery cannot correct that if it has happened.

Treatment of Penile fracture is not free. Emergency care is limited to stabilising the patient and providing pain relief. Repair of penile fracture is a specialized procedure requiring skill and expertise and kindly arrange for hospital charges (Approx 1 lac INR)