Bedwetting In Children – Treatment
In New Delhi India

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is Urologist in New Delhi India who treats children suffering from bed wetting problem. On this page read about bedwetting in children and it s treatment.

What Is Bedwetting Treatment In Delhi?

Bedwetting in Children is a very common condition. Is bedwetting in children normal?

Yes, upto a particular age bedwetting in Children is normal. Till children are 5 years of age, or are toilet trained. Children may sometimes wet their beds. This is usually not a problem. If children continue to wet their beds or undergarments in the middle of the night well into puberty or adolescence (5 years to 15 years), it can be a cause for significant concern for the parents and embarrassment and mental stress for the child.

Bedwetting is Cured by Urologist in Delhi.

Because of the embarrassment , parents seek bedwetting treatment in delhi. This search  usually leads to many quacks and nonscientific practitioners like homeopaths.

The physiology of bed wetting (also called nocturnal enuresis in children) has been very well defined by modern science. There are basically 3 reasons why children wet their beds.

a. Underdeveloped bladders – The child usually have underdeveloped or small bladders. These small urinary bladders cannot hold the entire urine of the night. Because of this these children leak and wet their beds.

b. Behavioural problems – The childs mind is not trained to identify signals to go to the bathroom. Normal children understand the need to go to pass urine. Sometimes the child is not able to identify the symptoms, and instead of getting up to go to the bathroom, leaks. The child then wakes up due to the smell or wetness.

c. Excessive urine formation – The children drink too much water or caffeinated drinks, and hence pass too much urine in the night leading to bedwetting in children.

What Is The Cost of Bedwetting Treatment In Delhi?

The specialists at Govinda Healthcare understand your need for good quality treatment for bedwetting in delhi. Bedwetting treatment in Delhi is cheap. The charges are mainly for consultation and investigation.

Curing bedwetting in children requires effort from parents.

Approximate Cost For Bedwetting Treatment In Delhi

  1. Consultation x 3 times = 500 x 3 = 1500 rupees
  2. Investigations (Basic) = 1500 – 2000 rupees
  3. Medication = MRP from Market
  4. Alarm system = Rental or Buy MRP from Market
  5. Care from parents of the child = Priceless

Is Bedwetting Treatment In Delhi Scientific?

Yes, at Govinda healthcare, there are no quacks, no half baked ideas or stupid treatments. What is practiced is rigorous science, evidence based modern system of medicine. There is no Homeopathy or Ayurveda or any other alternative system of medicine.