Shock Wave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction In
India – Information And Cost

Dr Vijayant G Gupta is an Andrologist and Mens Health Expert in Delhi India. He is also a trained Sexologist with a very scientific approach to Erectile Dysfunction. He has introduced Linear Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in India (Delhi). On this page learn more about ED 1000 treatment in Delhi including Cost of ED 1000 treatment in India. Also read more about Shock Wave treatment cost in Delhi (India).

What Is Linear Shock Wave Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction (Edswt / Liswt)?

Linear Shock Wave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in India is a new revolutionary treatment now availbale in New Delhi India for ED. Earlier also called ED 1000, now this treatment is available under many names.

In this treatment, shock waves or energy pulses are delivered to the penis. These shock waves are harmless and painless. These energy waves are delivered in 5000 shocks per session and 5 sessions are required.

Usual Shockwave Therapy For ED Session Configuration

2500 to 8000 shocks

 6 to 8 parts

 10 to 12 Hz

 1.8 to 2.2 Bar

In the penis these shock waves, cause mild damage to old blood vessels and cause the following changes

  1. Break plaques like cholesterol from blocked blood vessels
  2. Reduce oxygen supply to penis and cause increase in new blood vessel formation
  3. Produce local damage causing healing molecules to come in the penis

Because of these combined actions, the penis gets new improved blood supply and this cures erectile dysfunction in men.

For maximum benefit of treatment, at our center we combine ED 1000 treatment with medicines, hormones and exercises. With this combined approach more than 90 percent of men achieve good erections.

If LISWT fails then the other options are P Shots and Penile Implants.

What Is Ed 1000 Treatment ?

ED 1000 is the commercial name of linear shock wave machine. Earlier the machine used to come with a round head. The new machine Renova for ED comes with a long head and penis support. This provides more wider penis coverage. But Linear Shockwave for ED is still commonly called as ED 1000.

What Is The Cost of Shockwave Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction (Ed) In India (Delhi) ?

The Cost for ED 1000 treatment in Delhi has reduced considerably.

The Cost for ED 1000 treatment in India (Delhi) is only 20000 Indian rupees for 5 sessions of 5000 shocks each.

For International patients the cost is 1000 USD.