The Magic of Penis Massage (Ling ki Malish)

Penis massage or Penile Physiotherapy is the magical way to improve your penile health. In Indian Ayurved it is described as Malish. Ancient Indian practitioners of this wonderful technique of Penile Rejuvenation ascribed magical benefits. Current evidence based medicine is just learning about the wonders of ling ki malish.

In the under given videos learn more about Penis massage and how to do it and incorporate this technique in your life today.

English Subtitles (How to improve your penis in 30 days with Penis Massage)

Is Penile Massage Controversial ?

Today we will talk about a controversial topic to which everyone probably does not pay attention in allopathy but by doing that, in erectile dysfunction and problems of the penis means to use a better word miraculous benefits would get

Now by hearing the word miraculous, don’t think that I’m a sexologist I’m Dr, Vijayant Govinda Gupta a urologist and a men’s health specialist in New Delhi, India For some time now I have already talked to you about penile massage.

The benefits of penile massage and How to do it? and which oil should be used?

I have 3 videos about it, which you can watch in the playlist But today I’m not talking about all these videos but for the last 2 years in my center every patient that comes with penis problems we advice penile massage or massage of penis to him and those patients who does this massage of penis properly whether he takes medicines or not, whether he takes shock wave or not, whether he doesn’t do anything else if only this simple massage of penis is properly done. Then they will get 30-40% benefit in problems of penis only by doing massage.

If hardness is less in penis, it will increase if the size of the penis is short it will become better curvature will improve If there is Peyronie’s disease and bells are there, then bells will be reduced If there is pain in the penis, it will be fine Veins emerge, growth occurs in the size of penis The girth of the penis increases and the glans or cap in front of the penis if it doesn’t have blood completely and it turns to blue then the pinkness will return again he will start to have harder erections and morning erections Patients will come and say that sir, we only did penile massage for 6 weeks or 8 weeks properly and we feel almost 40%- 50% benefit from only this massage and if we add kegel exercise along with the massage then we are feeling almost 60% better and this is across- old patients, young patients patients with masturbation prone masturbation has been done, The penis has been damaged due to diabetes Penis has deteriorated due to injury patients had curvature on the penis, it has improved pain was there, it has improved droop formed on penis, patients used to complaint that their penis stays in shrinkage and inflation occurs on penis, nerves is visible on penis overall we will feel much better

But a question that always arises in all these patients, Is that sir, how to do penile massage? How to do the massage and today’s video is for that today I will tell you how to do penile massage in a simple way?

If you search on the internet about penile massage or if you go to books So there is very little mention of it in allopathy or scientific medicine. It is mentioned in ayurvedic too, but in that also much attention has not been given to the technique There are some specific resources The detailed studies available on penis massage, we read that experience of patients themselves, the review given by the patient based on that finally we have a little idea of the technique about which today you will if you watch this video till end, will learn and if this massage technique I’m giving you this for free, I’m not charging you anything if you don’t have any oil with you then only with hot coconut oil, if you start this massage twice a day or at least once a day then you will achieve very good result on your penis

So today we are talking about penile massage so if you say scientifically then penile massage basically can also be called penile physiotherapy. At first, scientific community was completely against massage that how can it happen that something becomes alright with massage But if you read then recently there are many articles, there are many discussions in scientific community which says that no, there are benefits from penile physiotherapy or penile exercise and I already told you about the benefits,

What are the benefits of penile Massage?

All these studies, it started with old patients who had surgeries, robotic or who had hypospadias or who had surgery of nerves plastic surgeons and urologists noticed in them that by doing massage means improvements are faster but they are also getting all these benefits.

So for doing penile massage, you don’t need any expensive tools. I already told you in the video of kegel exercise we will talk about simple technique of penile massage you don’t have be so much- taking special room.

Patients come and say that I am in army, we don’t have privacy we are in home, there are kids who are grown ups then how to do it? you don’t need so much space for this if you are in bathroom, you have showered and do it after shower, you can do then too.

Best time for doing Penis massage

Best time is at night so that the oil after doing the massage stays on the penis you don’t have to wash it with cold water because if you do the massage, your penis will have inflation flapped and if you immediately wash it then you will get less benefits so the best time is night.

Do the massage with warm oil, massage comfortably and leave it after doing massage if you are having good erection by doing massage and if your wife is ready and you have the desire of sex then you do sex and after doing sex don’t wash penis with cold water because on one side you are doing vasodilatation on one side you are increasing the blood on penis and on the other as soon as you wash it with cold water then by suddenly occurring a constriction effect , our purpose that blood circulate in penis in the night, blood remains in penis that purpose of ours becomes defeated and if you want to do in the morning then do it after taking shower don’t shower after doing massage after showering, shower a little with warm water or wash it with water so that flaps remain on penis and after that with warm oil-best oil is ace oil which is available in clinic but if you want, you can massage with simple coconut oil too Basic is not about oil, you get benefits from oil but basic is about massage In massage, the base of penis means if this is your penis, then the root of your penis first of all you have to massage the root of penis and you have to try that the root what happens a lot of time is that due to disuse, body pulls penis inwards that is called turtling the most important is that you have to pull penis from inside to outwards and the root of penis, by massaging penis from inside

You don’t have to make ring which is called jelqing, you don’t have to make ring you have to pull penis from inside to outwards by doing massage and the root- by massaging that you have to try that your penis completely hangs, it completely comes outside first of all you have to do that

Second is that massage if you hair down there is clean, if you have reduced your belly by doing exercise, upto the root if you are comfortable you will definitely have better result So hygiene, means cleaning is very important so it is best that hair is clean, you have washed down there and pull the penis outwards after showering and if the penis stucks outside, then like you knead the dough you don’t have to push the blood outward by making ring this will cause venous injury

Jelqing is a separate topic, we won’t talk about that you have to do the entire penis, from root to the tip yes, your skin will be completely made backwards the supra or glans in front, that too will be massaged massage is like kneading of flour like that you have to massage from root to the front with gentle pressure if you have any knot, any area of pain will massage it gently by completely massaging the entire penis, you have to massage to the front okay you can massage it by doing this too you can do it like kneading of flour, but you shouldn’t massage it by making ring like this you have to massage entire penis for how much duration massage should be doing? normally for 4 to 5, 6 minutes if you have erection in between, your penis becomes completely hard then don’t do masturbation, stop the massage so that penis comes back to it’s non-erect state again If you have more pain when doing massage, or you feel that there is so much curvature or you feel that there is knot then you can do it in a soft way But if it is painful, then obviously you will tell me maybe you have the problem of peyronie’s, then we have to do it’s treatment You won’t wash penis after you finish the massage you can clean oil in that area so that it doesn’t get on clothes but for some time, whatever oil you are using for keeping that area warm and improve it you leave it there and after coming back in the evening clean it by showering Massage you will try twice in a day at least in initial phase, when you are in recovery phase and once you get improvements then do for once in a day and after some time you can do it twice or thrice in a week massage for 5-10 minutes there is no special benefit of excess massage.

And after doing massage, if you desire to have intercourse, sex if erection is good, then you can do sex too If you want to make someone do the massage from your partner, then you can do that too but obviously if we are making them massage and want to do sex then it is allowed for you.

So this technique of penile physiotherapy or penile massage or the massage of penis put this in you daily routine, habit If you don’t have erectile dysfunction, it won’t develop if you have erectile dysfunction, then it will improve and in every parameter of penis you will get benefit in size, length, curvature, hardness, timing I have 3 videos on penile massage which is more detailed about it and i have given that videos in the link below you can go and watch those 3, you will get very good information from that thank you for watching the video.

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