Morning Erection (Morning Wood)

Are you not getting morning erections? It may be a sign of Erectile dysfunction.

Morning erection or Morning wood is a physiological state of erection that comes during early morning hours when the man is just about to wake up.

Morning wood or Morning erections brief summary – What why and how they happen.

Morning erection or morning wood is a physiological condition where man gets erection on waking up. Most common theory is it is due to REM sleep fantasy plus high testosterone. Contribution of vagal sacral reflex and full bladder is also there.

Loss of Morning erection may indicate early erectile dysfunction or low Testosterone levels.

In this video learn about morning erection (Morning Wood) in Hindi (English Subtitles)

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Today we’ll talk about Morning Erections.

5 reasons for morning erections and 5 reasons for not getting them.

When you wake up in the morning, or any healthy person wakes up, then normally, their penis gets erected. Every man wants that when wake up in the morning, his penis shows through the blankets, the erection is hard, and if the man is healthy then he would get a good morning erection. When they wake up in the morning, the penis is fully erect and hard. Many people take advantage of this and have good sex and urinate, then get on with their daily activities. Young men, who are not married get morning erections for a few hours and it goes away only after they urinate and relax but, often, as you get older or when you start developing penis issues then this morning erection or morning wood diminish or stop completely, doesn’t get hard fully, remains soft.

Many patients have this doubt that if their morning erections have stopped or become soft, or not coming at all, then is it possible that they have developed erectile dysfunction? and, if they don’t have erectile dysfunction, then why the morning erections stopped? and how to get the morning erections back? So today’s video is about morning erections. If you watch the whole video, then will understand four things- First, what is morning erection? Second, why it happens; and when we understand why, when we go deep inside something, and understand the cause of it, then only we reach the next step, on how to treat this morning erection and there is one last bonus content, normally how many times you should get morning erections and how hard it should be.

Morning erection is a physiological condition which means that it should be present in every man’s body. It is a condition where a normal human being, a normal man when they wake up in the morning after sleeping all night, their penis gets erect. It stays erect till either the man discharges it, or wakes up completely or he urinates the entire quantity of piss collected through the night. Morning erections should be as hard as a normal erection, the penis should be absolutely erect, and the erection should stay till the man urinates. If the morning erections are weak, they’re not regular, the veins are not prominent, penis is not getting hard well, penis remains soft or finishes even before urination then it means that there are some issues in your sexual life which you need to treat by doing proper assessment. If you have erectile dysfunction, meaning you have a problem having sex, then morning erections will give you the first signs of this problem.

If you have seen weakness in your morning erections, or they have stopped then there is a high possibility that within a few months problems may start in your regular erectile or sexual life. There is one caveat in this. Caveat means that not everyone will have it. If you recently got married or you are having sex every night or you masturbate often, then you expend your sexual energy at night and in these conditions, you may not have morning erections because the body takes time to recover. Now we’ll learn the cause of morning erections, why men get morning erections?

5 things affecting morning erections

Good sleep, the veins must be OK, high Testosterone levels, healthy penis and healthy urinary system. Morning erections come after coordination of all these five systems.

If any of these systems, like, you’re not sleeping well, or your veins are weak, you have an injury in your spinal cord, you have diabetes, your Testosterone levels are low, your penis health is poor, or you have growth in prostate or you have UTI or your urinary system is weak, if you have any of these five conditions, then your morning erections will get affected first, this is why morning erections are called morning wood or morning glory because if you’re having good morning erections, then it means that your urinary system and body’s psychological system is working together in sync and are healthy.

Let’s understand the role of sleep in morning erections.

So, you may know, our sleep is never the same, people don’t sleep all time same. Sleep in human body is divided into two parts- first, NREM; and second, REM. So, people have two kinds of sleep. NREM is deep sleep, which means that the body is completely comatose and in this sleep, people have no idea what is happening with their body. REM sleep is when people get dreams. In it, people are almost awake, mentally aware and they are not in deep sleep. Normally, in early morning, as people say, early morning dreams come true, People get REM sleep in early morning and they are almost awake during this time. During REM sleep, the pulse of Testosterone gets developed and the nervous system gets dreams. This is why erections develop in the body and men get erections. If you are disturbed for some reason, you can’t sleep well, you’re stressed, your stress level is high, you’re sleeping late, you’re sleeping after using phone, your sleep is disturbed, you wake up using an alarm, then if your REM sleep is not complete, then also you’ll face issues with morning erections.

The second is nerves. Normally, when a man gets an erection, then he needs some kind of stimulus. Like, he may touch by hand, or look at or think about some woman, but during sleep, when all your external stimulants are absent, the veins inside the body work, and if your veins are weak, then also your morning erections will stop and these veins get weak when you have spinal cord injury, or your pelvic floor is weak, you have Diabetic issues leading to weakness in veins, all these could also affect your morning erections.

Third, most important is Testosterone levels. Testosterone level in men is highest during early morning and Testosterone pulses develop. This high Testosterone level causes morning erections in penis and if there is deficiency in Testosterone levels, then also your morning erections can stop.

Fourth, blood supply in the penis. If there is deficiency in blood supply to your penis, then also your morning erections will stop. [Pause it.] If your penis health is poor, blood supply in your penis is weak, there is problem in your penis, then obviously you won’t get morning erections; and fifth is urine. Often, penis is good, blood supply inside penis is good, but our prostate, our urinary system doesn’t work properly. Normally in the morning, the bladder is full, urination is good, for that reason also morning erections happen. If you have problem in kidneys and in urinary system, then also you will face problems in morning erections. You have to understand the penis health. Erectile dysfunction is only 1/5th part of morning erections. So only 20% of people get issues of ED after morning erection problems. In 80% of cases, if people are not getting morning erections, then psychological stress, inadequate sleep vein weakness, Testosterone problems, or urinary system infections are responsible.

So, we come to the next topic.

How to get back your morning erections ?

So, I’m giving you 5 tips, that you can add in your life and your morning erections will immediately improve. First, stop masturbating. Second, massage your penis. Third, improve your penis health with Kegel exercise. Increase your Testosterone levels by doing nerve exercises improve your nerves, control your Diabetes if that is the case, get adequate sleep, for 8 hours and drink enough water. If you follow only these 7-8 steps, then your morning erections will start again.

So, morning erections are essential for the body, as you saw in the video. It is a sign of your penis health but, morning erections are not always linked with Erectile dysfunction there are other causes for it too. So, if you have early morning erection problems, then you should follow some basic steps, and if you can’t, then you should consult a good Andrologist and get yourself a proper treatment or evaluation.

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