Patient Testimonial after successful Penile Implant (3 Piece) in New Delhi India

We do a Good Job ! Always !

As you guys all know I am the highest volume penile implant surgeon in New Delhi India. A significant percentage of my patients travel to my practice in India from the United States of America. Like Jeff from Houston , Joe came to me from Arizona, USA. And he is loving his new penile prosthesis.

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We placed a brand new AMS 700 (3 piece) from Boston Scientific. He had his surgery on the 19th and he is flying back on the 25th of Novemeber 2019. That is 6 days. And he is going to be sending in his friends. Hooyah !!

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We also do Indian malleables for 2700 USD all in. See video here.

Penile Prosthesis cost in Delhi India is 1/3rd of the US. Flight Included.

India is the home to the cheapest penile implant surgery in the world. Jojo told me the cheapest he could find in the USA was 27000 USD (excluding admissions and medicines). We did his surgery all in for 11000 USD. Isn’t that great.

The 15000 USD penile implant in the US is a Hoax. Doesn’t exist.

Patient testimonial after his penile implant with us in New Delhi India

  • Joe was happy with the quality of our penile prosthesis surgery and professional outlook
  • As a first time visitor to India, he was amazed with our hospitality
  • He was happiest with the cost and results he got.
Patient from USA leaves a review for Dr Vijayant govinda gupta after a penile implant in new Delhi India

Tenzing is our international patient coordinator.

Patient from USA with Dr Vijayant govinda Gupta in New Delhi India after a successful AMS 700 Penile Prosthesis

Me with Joe. Yes, i have a lot of weight to lose. Will do so before you fly in.

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