Indian Malleable Penile Implant – Cost Results & Pictures

The Indian malleable Penile Implant is the most affordable Penile Prosthesis in the world.

Now we are happy to Introduce the New Indian Malleable Implant Version 2.0.

A huge bulk of my practice in New Delhi India includes implanting the 3000 USD made in India implant.

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is the highest volume penile implant specialist in India.

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This amazing Made in India semi rigid penile prosthesis is available at a fraction of the cost of imported expensive implants.

Indian penile implant surgery cost in India is $3000 (USD) all inclusive.

If you want one for yourself, feel free to write to me on .

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The Best Malleable Implant is the Indian malleable implant.
Detailed Information about Indian malleable Penile Implant

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How the Implant works (Post op day 14)

In the above video I display and compare head to head the various implant choices and tell you why the Indian Implant is superior.

Indian malleable is the best semi rigid penile prosthesis

The Indian made Semi Rigid penile prosthesis is the best semi rigid implant.

When it comes to the semi rigid penile prosthesis, there are only 3 options. The AMS Spectra (now the Tactra) and the Coloplast Titan / Genesis.

The third yet little known secret weapon is the Indian malleable implant also called as the “Shah Prosthesis”.

This nifty little prosthesis is extensively used down here in India. And it packs in quite a punch. Literally.

With rock hard erections and long life it beats its expensive alternatives by a mile.

Advantages of the Indian Penile Implant

  • Affordable – It costs just 3000 USD. It’s a steal. I operate more than 50 Americans every year who fly in just to get this sweet deal from 11000 miles.
  • Durability – Its all silicon with no movable parts. It works for years no problem. No failure no weakness.
  • Warranty – It comes with a life time free replacement warranty. (Only at my center)
  • Girth Increase – It comes in size 13.5 mm allowing it to give enormous girth increase

Patient Reviews

Patient Review after Indian Malleable Penile Implant in New Delhi India

Mr A came to Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta for his implant. He came to New Delhi India from Delaware, USA. And this is his experience with us.

I love my new Indian malleable Penile implant. The surgery was quick and Dr. Vijayant G Gupta is just awesome.

I thank the entire team at Govinda Medicentre for the treatment. I could never imagine the penile implant surgery would go so smoothly.

Mr. A from USA
Happy Patient after Indian Malleable Penile Implant

Mr Bi came for his implant from Bhopal, India. Suffering from Erectile dysfunction for past 5 years. He chose the Indian Malleable v 2.0 after a lot of research. Very happy after his surgery he left this happy review.

Good night and leaving delhi on a high note after the implant surgery. Thanks Tenzing and Dr Vijayant for the amazing surgery. Will meet you guys again when back in Delhi.

Mr Bi, Bhopal, India

Indian Penile Implant 2.0

Introducing the next generation New Indian Implant 2.0 with 5 new benefits.

1. Hydrophilic Coating with Antibiotic Infusion – ULTRAMAX NANO

Ultra max Nano Coating

2. 10 years Guarantee

10 year Guarantee

3. Erect Flaccid Erect method

4. Antibiotic Coating

5. Tapering for better Flexibility

Cost of Indian Malleable penile implant (India)

The cost of Indian Malleable penile implant (New Delhi) is just 3000 USD all inclusive.

It is the cheapest penile implant in the world.

With excellent results and highly satisfied patients.

I have implanted more than 1000 of these implants, and the results are just terrific.

See the surgery for this implant here .

Most affordable penile implant in the USA

Indian Penile implant Results (Pictures)

I knew the next question will be that show me the results. So here they are. These are the post operative pictures of patients after the Indian malleable penile prosthesis surgery at my clinic in New Delhi India.

More Recent Pictures and Results

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