Indian Malleable Penile Implant in Difficult Scenarios | Youtube Video

Indian Malleable Penile Implant in Difficult Scenarios

Difficult Penile Prosthesis Insertion – Kidney Transpant , Diabetes, Pelvic Fracture & Heart Disease

Difficult Cases in Indian Malleable Penile Implant – Part 1 | Dr Vijayant G Gupta in New Delhi India

Three Cases

Case 1 – Penile Implant in Old Diabetic Man on blood thinners (Old Gentleman) Patient was a 70 years man with prior angioplasty and Heart Disease and on Ecosprin and Clopidogrel. Also had peyronies disease.

Case 2 – Penile Implant in patient with kidney transplant (Gujarati Merchant) Patient underwent kidney (Living Related Donor Kidney Transplant) and now underwent Indian malleable penile implant on immunosupressants.

Case 3 – Penile Implant in men with Pelvic Fracture and Urethral Stricture (Punjabi Sikh)

Surgeon: Dr vijayant Govinda gupta

Location: New Delhi India

Cost of Indian Malleable penile implant is 175000 INR or 3000$

Patient Origin : Bihar, Gujarat and Punjab, India

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