ZSR Circumcision in Difficult Cases | Youtube Video Number 70

ZSR Circumcision in Difficult cases

ZSR Circumcision in Difficult Cases | ZSR Circumcision Series Part 7

In this video we discuss the benefits of choosing “Original” “Authorised” ZSR Circumcision for treatment of Phimosis and Balanoposthitis.

Note: This video was presented at the 9th Emirates Urology Association meeting in 2020

Speaker Surgeon: Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta

Location: New Delhi ZSR Circumcision clinic, India Video


1. Benefits of ZSR Circumcision – Stitchless Bloodless Painless Scarless

2. ZSR Circumcision in Cardiac patients – Patient on blood thinners

3. Surgery in BXO / Balanitis and Complete Closure

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Transcript of Video in English

Hello, friends.

Welcome back to my YouTube channel,
I am Doctor vijayant Govinda Gupta,

the largest volume, ZSR
circumcision Surgeon in India.

And today I will discuss with you
a difficult and difficult cases

for the zsr circumcision that I
perform in my patients here.

Beware of fake ZSR Circumcision.

There are there are three fraud clinics

by the name of Pristyncare,
Glamyo and Dezire Clinic who are doing fraud

marketing, saying that they have the ZSR
stapler or zsr circumcision

with them,
even though they are tricking patients,

causing complications
and making major problems.

So beware of frauds.

At my center in New Delhi, India,

we performed fifteen hundred
other Circumcision last year.

Ninety nine percent of the Circumcision is

done at my clinic are
done by the ZSR device.

That is, zsr device is the most common
device that we use at my clinic.

All Circumcision were done
under local anesthesia.

All Circumcision were
done in the office care basis.

This is no intraoperative or

post-operative means,
neither before or neither.

After surgery, patients
required any urinary pipes.

Total operating time was on average,
three minutes in every patient.

Pinsker was very minimal.

All the patients healed in almost nine

days and most patients were
able to have sex after 21 days.

The main six advantages of using
the original ZSR Circumcision is that it

is a very quick procedure,
painless recovery, minimal blood loss.

There are no stitches.

We can do a partial Circumcision
and patients can go back the same day.

The difficult cases of Circumcision like

Circumcision in which the skin
is completely closed.

Diabetic patients, patients,

a lot of infection
BXO patients in whom a bad surgery has

been done earlier, or patients with heart
problems, or patients in whom cardiac stents

cell patients who cannot
stop blood thinners.

So ZSR Circumcision can be
done in these patients also.

And among the fifteen hundred patients

that we operated last year,
almost twenty thirty five percent patients

were difficult patients with lots
of infection, lots of smegma and lots of closure,

and we were able to give excellent
results in those patients.

Now I am going to demonstrate to you two

or three cases that I found difficult
or usually if you want to see more fix.

So basically what I want to give you
the message from this video is that how

much ever difficult phimosis you have
complete closure, closure for many years.

You may be a diabetic,

you may be a heart patient who may
be taking any difficult drugs.

You may be on pacemakers in any condition

in which regular
Circumcision cannot be done.

But are I can give you excellent
cosmetic results now in this patient?

No, this is a regular
Circumcision and agreed to phimosis.

This patient is basically a patient

who has had a angiography
and he has a heart stent.

He’s taking blood thinners.

And usually in these patients,
if we do a regular Circumcision,

there is a lot of bleeding on this patient
without putting him to sleep,

without putting him on anesthesia,
without any risk of any heart

complications, without
stopping his medicines.

We are able to do a regular good quality
ZSR, Circumcision,

and we will be able to give him
a completely stitchless, bloodless result

in a normal Circumcision he would
have to be admitted in the hospital.

He was required to stay in the
hospital for more than a day.

He would require cardiac clearance
and all of those expensive protocols.

But because of the help of the desired
in this patient, we are able to give him

an excellent result at a very cheap cost
without any complications or difficulties

associated with his heart
or his heart problems.

So the zsr circumcision is an excellent
Circumcision procedure for our difficult

cases in diabetic patients
who have balanitis cards, smegma.

The healing time is very
good in heart patient here.

Time is very good in those patients
in whom the skin is completely close

and which the pcnl Circumcision
takes more than an hour to do.

We can do the entire procedure
in exactly three minutes.

So in my past fifteen hundred cases

that we did last year, we have not
had even a single complication.

So that is a particular achievement.

But this is only possible if you are doing
the ZSR from our original,

the lesser authorized clinic or
from surgeons who are high volumes,

the zsr circumcision practitioners like,
for example, in my case in Delhi and other

centers all over India that I
have trained and certified.

Beware of frauds like Bloustein Care

and Lambiel, who do not have good doctors
and neither do have their discharge

procedure and who mislead or misguided
patients to do fake stapling procedures.

Now, in this case,

you can see that without any bleeding,
we are able to apply these silicone ring.

The silicone ring will
usually come off on its own.

On the second patient,
you can see that this patient has been so

Bieksa means that the skin has become
white, the skin has completely closed.

And in this patient,
regular Circumcision with.

We are Circumcision in this patient,

and the surgery took exactly
three to four minutes.

I will not demonstrate to you the entire

surgery because this video has to be
less than eight or nine minutes.

But as you can see, after a plication like
in the previous case,

we will do as a result procedure urethral
discharge procedure in this patient

and post surgery, he will
have an excellent recovery.

So here we are opening up her skin and you
can see that the skin is returned.

The mehta’s also is close.

And you can see the frenulum
also is pretty scarred.

And here we have applied
these results to clamp.

There is going to be a little bleeding

in difficult cases because it is
not possible to do it completely.

But still, compared to the regular
cases is very, very, very minimal.

Just a few stains of blood and hair.

We have already applied the stapler
in this difficult case.

And after fighting here,

you can see the ring has been applied
to the skin has been removed beautifully.

There is no tightening.

I was able to fire the way we are able

to straighten out the frenulum
without cutting it.

And this patient is again going
to have a wonderful recovery here.

You can see in this patient,
the complete foreskin is closed so severe,

this man had problems for more
than many, many years.

And here you can see that I’m showing you
the difficult grade of five Phimosis would

be so that this gentleman has and again,
in this patient, we will be able to give

him an excellent result
without any problems.

The skin looks dirty,

but it will usually heal very well
very soon and almost nine to 10 days.

For her, ZSR Circumcision is a boon.

Now here you can see
the same patient recovery.

There is no scar at all.

The skin is completely clean.

There is no stitches marks.

And this is just 21
days after his surgery.

Now, here is another difficult case

in which we are balanitis are
you consider skin completely clueless.

But even in this patient,
we are able to give a good result.

So always choose the original

ZSR Circumcision from my clinic
and you will always get good results.

Thank you.

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