SCRATCH technique : Curvature Correction during Penile Implant in Peyronie’s Disease

Today’s Case : Technique From Florida to New Delhi India

Correction of 90 degree curvature with peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction (Diabetes Age and Smoking)

Technique : “Perito” SCRATCH technique with Penile Modelling (Internal Plaque Disruption) also called as Trans corporal plaque incision

Implant used: Indian Malleable Implant (Read here)

Advantages of scratch technique in this patient is maintaining external continuity of crura and blood supply, no adjunct grafting, preservation of length and minimal morbidity

Disadvantages is difficult, learning curve, blind procedure, chances of urethral disruption, injury to Glans, incomplete correction of curvature

Modifications devised by me : Using metzenbaum to disrupt plaque, using indian implant

About Paul Perito – One of the highest volume implanter in the world with practice in Miami Florida. A “Coloplast” guy and their head Trainer. Developed the infrapubic approach and the scratch technique among other modifications to make implants easier for the rest of us.

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