Full Vs Half Penile Implant : 3 Piece Penile Implant Review New Delhi India

Pump Implant Review Patient From Fiji

Today we share the Review of a patient from Fiji. Patient was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction for past 25 years.

Earlier he had a 3 Piece IPP Coloplast titan touch Penile Implant that served him well for 25 years. This Implant was placed in Australia by Dr Christopher Love.

The Implant malfunctioned after 25 years and was replaced by and AMS 700 LGx in New Delhi by Dr XYZ. But unfortunately it did not function.

As is the norm in India, AMS and Boston Scientific did not honor their commitments or their warranty.

When he approached us we replaced his Implant with a new Rigicon Infla 10AX.

You can See the revision surgery here.

The problem was wrong sizing, improper tubing and rupture of Implant due to over pressure.

Post revision of his Penile Implant patient is now fit and travelling back.

Sharing his Review here.

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