Avanafil – Alcohol safe PDE5i (vs Tadalafil)

Avanafil – The love shots

Hello friends

I made a video for you guys,

The Love Pill i.e Tadalafil

Got a lot of love and response from that video

people tried Tadalafil and they loved it

and people are very happy with it

But there are a few complaints

that the effect of the pill works after 2 hours

can’t consume alcohol along with Tadalafil

have to wait 2 hours before having sex

if we have sex once or twice a month

then erection stays for 3-4 days

what to do about the erection?

Don’t have a partner, therefore, need to satisfy by masturbating

the biggest problem is for patients

who are old, diabetic, or heart patients

They complain of blur eyes and increased heartbeat.

so, there is a medicine that will work

and the effect will also go away quickly

which we call sex’s shot, Avanafil

I have made this video for the new
medicine Avanafil

this comes in various brand names

Cipla’s ‘Avaniar’ is available in our clinic

it’s available in different brands all over India

‘Avanafil’ is known as a sex’s shot because
it has four benefits

First, this medicine shows effect under 15 minutes

for example, if you suddenly make a plan

with friend, girlfriend, partner, or wife

if suddenly a plan occurs and you don’t have 2 hours to wait

then this shows the effect under 15 minutes

you can consume alcohol along with this

not saying to consume it with 1/2 quarter alcohol,

if you have consumed 3 pegs

or kept 3 glasses of wine then you
can take the pill along with it

no problem, the cardiac patients
whose heartbeat increases

for heart patients it’s safe, they can consume it

but if BP is too high or had an attack 6 months before

have a stent, then ask your doctor, or else it’s safe for cardiac patient

this medicine has fewer side effects

like back pain, you take the medicine and the next day

you’ll be comfortable and have no leg pain,
waist pain or prostate pain will occur

so, this Avanafil is for short duraa tion
this is same as PDE5 inhibitor

what is a PDE5 inhibitor? there is Tadanafil, Sildenafil, Megalis, Vardenafil

Avanafil, all these are PDE5 inhibitor

What is a PDE5 inhibitor?

and how does it work in our penis?

it works like, it’s blood vessel/ penis

normally Nitrous Oxide (NO) makes CGMP

it’s a chemical that causes erection in the penis

normally body makes CGMP

and it makes another chemical PDE5

PDE5 goes and kills CGMP

and brings down the erection in the penis

if we kill this PDE5 molecule

then CGMP level will keep on increasing

erection on the penis will be too much

so to kill this PDE5 we have

Tadalafil, Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Avanafil

which kill this

after this CGMP gets saved

and our penis stays erected

in all these four medicines
Sildenafil is known as Viagra

Tadalafil is known as Cialis and
Avanafil is known as Stendra

all these medicines how will quickly reach the penis

how long will it stay in the penis

and will that molecule only target this

or will it target something else too,
on these depends all the medicines

results and benefits of the medicine

e.g. we’ll do a comparison on Love Making Pill

i.e Tadalafil and Sex’s Shot Avanafil

Tadalafil works within 30-60 min

That means if you’ve taken Love Making Pill Tadalafil

5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, then at least

3-4 hours you’ll have to wait

Therefore you should know when you’ll have to go

when do you have to meet.

If you have to meet in the evening then you will

have to plan it in the morning for the evening

you have to consume this medicine by planning

while Avanafil has the advantage of under 15 min

and may get within 8 min too

many times you take the pill

by the time you’ll reach the hotel or room
it will start working, it takes 10-15min

first benefit

but there are disadvantages too

Avanafil’s effect can only stay for 4 hours

therefore if the patient has consumed it

then you can go for 1-2 shots

after 4-6 hours your penis will go down again

and the effect will be over

Tadalafil is known as waken drug it’s effect stays

up to 36 hours which means

if you use it on Friday

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday the effect will continue

that’s why we can give Tadalafil for recovery.

if we give it to a patient at night for 3 times a week then

it will cover the whole week

it’s spontaneous, he doesn’t have to think
about when to take the pill

when Pyaar Ka Goli is inside him

he can do his work

while in avanafil, when the dose gets over

then every time you’ll have to repeat.

You have to do it today, tomorrow, or the day after

then every time you’ll have to repeat

even though whatever is our

books or medical company

says that we can use it daily

but daily use of any medicine

Avanafil or any other
medicine Sildenafil, Vardenafil

daily use will harm your penis

it will destroy the L-Arginine inside penis

and slowly the effect of the medicine will be over

that’s why we recommend ‘Avanafil’ once a week

or this medicine is okay for once in a while

for daily use ‘Tadalafil’ is better

now we’ll talk about food

if you already had your food, suppose chicken or mutton

with a filled stomach, ‘Tadalafil’ will still work

if you use ‘Tadalafil’ then it will get
absorbed along with food

Avanafil won’t get absorbed if you have consumed a high-fat meal

if your stomach is full then Avanafil won’t work

for Avanafil small amount of snacks or alcohol, yes

but if you are full then Avanafil
will work less or won’t work at all

on the other hand alcohol

if you have consumed alcohol then

alcohol along with salad or no fatty food along with alcohol

then Avanafil is a good option for you

we don’t recommend Tadalafil along with alcohol

Tadalafil will not absorb alcohol

secondly, it will create a lot of gas

third, consuming Tadalafil with alcohol there is a chance of fainting

Sometimes patient’s leg gets twisted

Then BP falls low

with Avanafil this BP problem doesn’t arise

if you have to consume a small amount of alcohol

if you take it then it won’t affect your BP

then the main thing, if you have to recover your penis

if you are following ERP

if you want your penis to recover

if you want to improve the erection

keep the penis healthy

then Tadalafil is a better medicine

because we can reduce the dose of Tadalafil

and slowly improve our penis

Tadalafil has a good effect on prostate
as well as on heart

Tadalafil is more of a recovery medicine

or if you want it for enjoyment sometimes

then other than Sildenafil

Avanafil is a better option for you

Avanafil won’t recover any of your penis

Avanafil will only work and then go

maybe it stop working later

but this pill is good for some time only

and yes in the end penis shouldn’t get hurt

Tadalafil doesn’t harm your penis

if you are taking it 1% also at night then

along with that, you are massaging
and taking earthing

Then Tadanafil will keep your penis healthy

whereas, if you use Avanafil everyday

then slowly within 15 days it’s effect won’t come at all

so overall, Avanafil has quick action,
quick going back

it’s a less side effect pill.

how to use it?

internationally it come in 3 combination

50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg

in India only 100 mg in available

you always have to start with the lowest dose

e.g.: if you take 100 mg in the first short

results are good, then try 50 mg on the second

if 50 mg is okay, then use 50 mg

if 100 mg doesn’t work

then we can use 200 mg too

In India, 50 mg and 200 mg are not available

so 2 pills of 100 mg each

or half pill of 100 mg can be used

don’t use any medicine suggested on YouTube

I am a Doctor (MCH) that’s why I am saying

this doesn’t mean that I have seen you

maybe you have kidney failure

high creatinine, cholesterol, or any cardiac problem

whatever treatment you do for yourself

take suggestions and recommendations of a doctor and then only do it

Sometimes after taking these pills side effect occurs

previously a video got viral that a man
consumed Sildenafil and he got priapism

now he is blaming the pill but

it may happen that he has some problem within

that after taking the pill heart aches or something

therefore, it’s a strong advice from me
that any medicine

if you want to use then take the knowledge
from youtube

then go to a good doctor nearby,
whoever is available

show him, with proper advice and doctorate and with safety

use it, you will always be safe

it will only cost you doctor’s fees and nothing else

so you will have a safe life

so 50 mg,100 mg ,200 mg is available,

start from 50 if that doesn’t work then 100 or 200

don’t go above 200 if 200 mg doesn’t work then

there is some problem with the penis

If there is an issue with the blood supply in the penis, for that do the proper treatment.

and side effects, some many medicines like
Slidenafil, Tadanafil,Vadanafil,Avanfil

all the side effects of these 4 medicines are common

but some have more side effects

so the side effects of these meds are less than the other meds

this affects less on eyes, less headache

waist, legs, and knees have less pain

after taking the pill pressure on the heart
is low, BP falls less,

safe for kidney and liver patients

but it’s not like this that it has fewer side effects

or it doesn’t have any side effect

it may happen that it has fewer side effects than other meds

but in some patients, this may be more

so your doctor should know the management of this side effect

and if you have taken it

the best thing about this is,

suppose you have side effects, you have a headache

Its effect only stays for 4 hours

so it will heal in 4 hours, 15 min

you have taken it, do your work once and
after 4 hours the effect will go

so side effects will also go along with it.

In Tadalafil if there is a side effect

then you have to bear the side effect for
40 hours as it stays in the body for 40 hours

so Avanfil’s side effect is still better

so it is a good drug but consume it carefully

consume safely and on the advice of the
doctor this is my message to you

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