ZSR Circumcision : A Moonshot Technology

ZSR Circumcision is a revolutionary new technology. It is the future of circumcision. It is a moonshot technology.

A moonshot is an ambitious, exploratory and groundbreaking project undertaken without a full investigation of potential risks and benefits.

If the goal is realized, the benefits could be huge for the project’s stakeholders and humanity as a whole.

A moonshot tech will replace all prior tech completely.

Like TESLA has changed the future of mobility forever, ZSR has changed the future of Circumcision forever.

Stapler Circumcision (Original ZSR)

  • Quick (less than 2 minutes)
  • Painless (Pre Intra and Post op) Pain is number one fear
  • Cosmetic (Scarless Healthy Stitch Line)
  • Hemostatic no bleeding
  • Partial (Foreskin preservation)
  • Local Anesthesia exclusive
  • High risk cases (Warfarin Low EF)

Circumcision > India Prevelance

India Rising

  • Religion
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple partners
  • Perceived Cosmetic advantage
  • Perceived sexual advantage size timing masturbation dhaat sensitivity
  • Emigration

New Delhi ZSR Circumcision Clinic

  • First Center in India to start stapler Circumcision (ZSR) 2017
  • Trained in Guangzhou, China
  • Trained and franchised  12 centers in India, 5 Australia, 2 Middle east, Nepal, Bangladesh, Chile, Peru, EU and now USA
  • Head trainer for ZSR China
  • 500 Circumcisions a month
  • 20 to 25 cases a day
  • Completed more than 12000 ZSR Circumcision till now (Data submitted for publication)

Stapler Circumcision vs Conventional Circumcision

 Stapler (ZSR biomedical)Conventional
Time2 min15 min minimum
PainNo to minimimModerate
Hemostasis requiredNoYes
CosmesisHigh and AssuredSurgeon experience
High risk casesYes CHF anti coagulantsNo
AnesthesiaLocalMay require SA GA
Post OP CatheterNoYes maybe

Stapler Circumcision vs Conventional Circumcision Drawbacks

 Stapler (ZSR biomedical)Conventional
Bxo Grade 5 thick skinDifficultEasier
Staple removal5%Not required
Staple ComplicationsMild 5%Not required


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