Ling sikudta hai | Ling chota hai | Penile Turtling in Hindi

Ling sikudta hai | Ling chota hai | Penile Turtling in Hindi. लिंग सिकुदता है | लिंग छोटा है | पेनाइल टर्टललिंग हिंदी

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Many patients come to me with a complaint of small or under developed penis. After diagnosis we found that, their penis size is ok during erection but in flaccid, means without erection penis get shrinked.

Patient get frustrated they complaint that they feel ashamed for their small penis, when they change clothes around friends sometimes. They are young adults, they don’t have any disease sometimes, they get so mentally disturbed, that we have to convince them. That naturally the flaccid penis remain small in someone. But it get in proper size during erection.

Why would penis shrink? or What is Penis Turtling?

This is a vast topic, but I will share with you a overall information about it.

What should be the normal size of penis? What should the normal size and girth of a penis during erection and flaccid. How could the penis be enlarged?

I have two separate videos about this you can watch them too Today’s topic specifically is that whether penis has becomes smaller or shrinked? So how to deal with that problem? and what could be the causes of that problem?

First of all, it is important to identify that the whether the shrinkage or puniness of penis is on erected or in flaccid state whether the puniness is on erect penis or flaccid penis? secondly, the shrinkage or puniness of penis did it start recently or the size of penis is small since the start or childhood? third important thing, What is the age group of those patient? may be that patient is of age 13-18 or 20 when the development of his penis is not proper may that patient is over the age of 21 and still his penis remain small maybe that patient was fit untill the age of 30, 32 or 35 now he is noticing changes in the size of his penis.

Then the fourth point is that does this puniness or shrinkage is there always? or does it only happens sometime? Sometime patient complaint when I’m relaxing or not having tension or not having any anxiety then the size of penis is proper.

But whenever I’m in tension or about to do sex or doing sex then the size of penis feels to be so small.

Showers vs Growers

So, on the basis of these four we can broadly classify patients into different categories. First of all there is a condition which is called shower v/s grower.

A study was conducted in 2019 in a center in which it was was found that when they consider 500 patients they measured their length in flaccid and erected state they found that during erection everyone’s length was good and there were 50% people from that who’s penis would become very small in flaccidity. There was almost a difference of more than 3 inch of penis in between erected and flaccid state they called them growers.

Growers means those men in whom penis seems to be smaller in flaccidity but it gains complete size during erection. And second was shower.

Shower means those persons whose penis whether in erection or flaccidity the length of penis would be pretty good but when erected, the size of penis doesn’t increase but penis becomes stressed.

So both patients were normal they found that any patients doesn’t have any heart condition, findings in doppler scan or any ED (erectile dysfunction) this was basically the role of their muscles showers, means those who’s penis size is good in erect state but small in flaccid state they doesn’t have any defect but only the elasticity of muscles was high so it shrinks more but it would become ok during erection they didn’t need any treatment on other side, in growers elasticity was less erection was proper and their penis would always looks good in flaccid But they also didn’t had any problem

So it’s possible that if your length is good enough during erection then the tininess during flaccid, may be there from the childhood and you don’t have any problem absolutely and you are a -shower then you don’t need any treatment okay?

On the other hand, it could happen that it was absolutely okay in the beginning now it feels of shrinkage during flaccid as well as erected state.

There could be different pathologies in this (sorry) may be shortage of blood supply in penis fibrosis or hardness in penis peyronie’s is developing in penis any kind of injury in penis the penis is reducing its elasticity and collagen is depositing inside penis improper care of the penis, or the phimosis or the blockages of skin it’s continuously pulls the penis inside or the shrinkage started due to de novo so it becomes important to verify the condition properly maybe the deficiency of thyroid, hormone or because of high sympathetic anxiety level in this condition if patients get proper diagnosis and treatment then it can be recovered.

Third condition is that penis always remains shrunken due to improper growth here in this condition, the problem generally starts in childhood here we have to perform P-shot or Penuma or surgical procedure of length & girth enhancement of penis.

This was normal and abnormal But in any condition if you are dissatisfied with the size of your penis then first we have to understand that the problem really exists or not? many patients come with a complaint of small penis size, but it is completely normal many of them have normal size and girth but their girlfriend still not satisfied So in that cases , it is important to avoid unnecessary surgery and treatments. to fulfill patient’s expectations it is necessary to evaluate the condition properly if your partner nagging you continuously, it’s better to change her instead of losing your mental peace by being in depression.

But if you still want treatment in that case, penis enlargement surgeries penis enlargement treatment & procedures traction devices, P-shorts works to some extent but but you have to set an expectation here many patients come to me with an expectation of enlargement of their 2.5-3 inch penis to 7-10 inches this is not possible with hardwork and proper scientific application, we can increase it some extent they will not get huge changes by using of any oil or applying hammer of thor or by stretching we will again discuss on the individual points about shrinkage of the penis.

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