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Rigi10 vs Tactra vs Indian Implant – Best Malleable Penile Implant 

Many patients want to know which is the best malleable penile implant. In India many different malleable penile implants are available. The leading implants are the Indian Malleable Penile Implants, Rigicon Rigi 10H and Boston Scientific Tactra.

Today we will compare the three variants and find out which implant is the best among them.

Rigicon vs Tactra Vs Indian (English subtitles)

Hello friends Today we will do a comparison of Indian implants vs Rigi 10 vs Boston scientific Tactra.

The aim of this video is not to find a better or worse implant. The aim of this video is to make you understand what is the actual difference between these three?

Because a lot of times patient gets confused about the implant they want to get which implant to use so today we will know the differences between them.

First of all, we will be talking about the three implants.

This is an Indian implant. If you want to understand which type is the Indian implant, then Indian implant is a malleable implant. Malleable implant means the size of this implant is fixed, not smaller or larger but you can move your penis upward or downward. Indian implant is a malleable implant.

The second one is Rigi 10. This implant is also made in U.S and of the company Rigicon.

This is also malleable, means it will stay in the bottom, if it’s fixed on the bottom it stays on top if it’s fixed on top. So this is also a malleable implant.

The third implant is Boston Scientific Tactra.

This is a Tactra implant, this is also malleable means it goes to the bottom if it’s on the bottom and goes to the top if it’s on top. So malleable implants mean such implants in which size can’t be changed but you can move your penis up and down.

Type of Hinge in Penile Implants (Memory vs Non Memory)

So if any implant is moving up and down, then it must have something inside it the thing which allows this capacity is called the hinge.

So Indian implant also has a hinge this is silicone and this is also silicone. So Indian implant has a silicone hinge which allows the up-and-down movement but this hinge is called a non-memory hinge.

Which means the hinge won’t stay in the bottom if you move it to the bottom it will move up the moment you release it. So this is called a non-memory hinge.

If you move the implant to the bottom in Rigi 10 or Tactra, then it stays there and stays at the top if you move it to the top that’s why this is called a memory hinge.

Memory hinge means it remembers on which position it was left.

Penile Implants Coating

Next is the coating, this coating is very important.

Look, Indian implant is a non-coated implant which means it doesn’t have any coating outside. This implant comes in such a state. We put a coating of Govinda 2.0 version (Ultra max nano) on it which is developed by me.

It also has antibiotic properties which also has hydrophilic which makes Indian implants V2.0 better. This is called version 2.0 and we use version 2.0 coating. This coating does not come with the implant we developed this coating and we use this on our patients.

But the main comparison is between Rigi 10 and Tactra. Both are expensive and made in the USA.

But the Rigi 10 implant which is called Rigi H comes with a hydrophilic coating.

Antibiotics hydrophilic coating is present in this implant due to which the sizing of the implant is better, inserting the implant becomes easier and that’s why infection rates become zero.

The Tactra implant is launched by Boston Scientific but they didn’t give hydrophilic coating over it to reduce its cost so this implant doesn’t have any coating.

Tactra does not have Coating

and because of this inserting the implant is itself difficult.

All the surgeons who promote Tactra doesn’t tell you this fact but this implant doesn’t have any coating and if you are spending money on any good implant then ideally it should have hydrophilic antibiotic coating

Malleable Penile Implant Sizing

Next, let’s discuss about sizing sizing means the length and girth of the implant. It comes in different sizes because everyone’s penis is not the same. For example, when you are going to buy clothes there is a shop where you get the size small to XXL, XXXL or 5XL and there is another shop where only get the size small, medium, and large so where there is less opportunities in size. There you have to fit yourself inside the clothes.

if you are a normal or an average size then the clothes will fit you but if you are heavy like me or lean then either the clothes will be too tight or loose. Just like that, implants also comes in different sizes in any good implant surgery, it is very important to have the complete size.

So Indian implant is the best implant

in that case because firstly it comes in sizes varying from 9-15. So the leanest implant is size 9 means when talking about the thickness. The thickest implants are these 13. Even thicker comes 15. No matter how much thicker a penis is there in the world, that size is available in Indian implant.

Second is size progression. Size progression means every half mm size varies from 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5 is available in this its benefit is that if anyone has the size 12 or 12.5. So a great fitting can be found. Let me give you an example of this from Italian suits. when you are tailoring an Italian suit then it would be completely bespoke they will make it as fit as your body in all the parts so due that the fitting of your suit will be very good just like that, because Indian implant is trimmable, silicone and has different sizes By making the right size we can give patients the shape they want and because the progression is so small if the actual size of the patient is 12 or 12.5, then we can give him an implant of size 12.5 itself.

whereas Rigi 10 and Tactra has some differences,

I will tell you about that Rigi 10 starts with size 8 and available up to size 14. We have also made size 14. After coming to India, earlier this size was only 13. and progression of this is 1 mm means we have sizes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 Because the size progression is 1mm we don’t have to compromise with sizes 11, 12, and 13 in this.

too what is the problem with providing more sizes is that any companies don’t want to provide more size whether it’s of shoes, sandals, clothes, or implants how many sizes they have, they have to buy that much inventory and pieces

The available sizes in Tactra are only 9-13 and in that too 9, 11, 13 the sizing of Tactra is focused on 2 mm due to which a lot of times you have to use size 12 even if you have size 11.

when you could have used size 12 because of that, you will get a difference of 1mm in diameter.

a lot of times and a difference of 1mm means if you have to put two rods on the penis and suppose you have used size 11 instead of 12 then you will have a difference of 1mm here, 1mm here, 1mm here, 1mm here and a total of 4mm in girth.

So in Tactra problems arise a lot of times and the patient complaint that their penis seems smaller and it seems smaller because your size was 12, you should have used 12 but you used size 11 so you didn’t lose 1 mm, but you actually lost 4mm size or thickness and this is again a problem of Tactra.

Next comes “Made in” obviously, this is made in India, this is produced in Agra because of this reason, this doesn’t have any import duties so it’s a little cheap. Rigi 10 is made in the USA, it is produced in New York, America and Tactra is also made in the USA.

Penile Implant warranty

warranty means if you choose or insert this implant then how many years of warranty will you get? Indian implant doesn’t give any warranty from the company but because this implant is cheap and mostly used I give a guarantee of 10 years from my side on this implant and the patient will get a warranty of 10 years for the implant and also for surgery.

It means if you have a problem with the surgery then that and any problem with implant, then that too it’s a non-payable warranty given by my side.

The warranty of implant of the company Rigi 10 is a lifetime this company gives you a lifetime warranty of implant.

The warranty of Tactra from the company is only 5 years and the surgical warranty depends upon the surgeon. I don’t use Tactra even though I was on the advisory board of Tactra and I have used Tactra on some patients but due to the warranty, feedback and sizing problem I don’t use Tactra now.

So if you ask me which one would I prefer then definitely I prefer the Indian implant.

because among all the malleable implants because and sizing wise 80-82% of my patients choose Indian because of my coating they use Indian implant and very happy.

If you ask me which one would I choose among the malleable ones, imported ones then I prefer Rigi 10. It is made in America and being used all around the world. Today, Rigi 10 implant is the greatest competitor of Tactra and it is being used all around the world. In America in Europe, U.K, Finland, Middle east, Africa, Australia, it is available everywhere and have good results everywhere. company is giving a warranty, so many sizes, memory hinge and also hydrophilic coating I think they have made and send us one of the great implants.

Tactra could have been a good implant

but Tactra has a sizing problem, coating problem and warranty problem. Due to this reason, Tactra is falling back but I expect that Boston scientific will bring in between sizes, coating, and warranty. If they bring all these, then Tactra will a great competitive implant in the future.

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