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Pain in Penis – 10 Causes and Treatment

In today’s video we will understand the 10 causes of Penile Pain (pain in Penis). We will also discuss in detail the various treatment options for pain in man’s organ.

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The top 10 cause of Penis Pain are

  1. Phimosis plus Balanitis
  2. UTI
  3. Injury or Fracture
  4. Peyronies Disease
  5. Hypoxic Fibrosis
  6. Neuropathy
  7. Mondor Disease
  8. Prostatitis
  9. Urethritis
  10. Over Masturbation

The treatment for Pain in Penis is easy. Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Men’s Health expert in India who manages and treats penile Pain in men.

Penis Pain 10 Causes with English Subtitles

Is there a pain in your penis?

Many patients come to me with complaints of penis pain. And they remain confused. They receive treatments from many places. but neither they get a proper solution nor a proper treatment. The biggest problem with this country is that half of the people have a penis. If there is a penis, then of course, there would also be some diseases in it. But no one takes these diseases seriously, nor anyone is interested in treating them properly.

I am Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta, I’m a Men’s health specialist from New Delhi. Meaning, the problems pertaining to the penis, testis and other sexual problems are properly and scientifically treated by me.

Today’s topic is ‘Penis Pain’.

There are many reasons for the pain in the penis. Today, we will discuss the top 8 or 9 reasons.

If you are feeling some kind of pain in your penis before sex or after sex or while passing urine and the pain is troubling you, then definitely watch the video till the end. because, after watching this video you can identify the cause of the penis pain. Secondly, you can get it properly treated and end it forever.

What is a normal human penis?

Male penis. this two are the testis, from where the penis starts. this is the head of the penis, also called Glans. the area in the middle is the tube called urethra for the passage of semen or urine. if you are Hindu then there will be a foreskin surrounding the glans. if you are circumcised or a Muslim, then the foreskin would not be there. This is the front view of the penis, if you look at the side-view this is the penis with the urethra inside it. The urethra is connected to the bladder. Urine is stored in the bladder and this is prostate prostate is a gland connected to the testis and it releases semen as well as urine.

Questions to ask yourself about Penis Pain

But the whole penis is rarely paining at once. If you ask a patient, which part of their penis is paining? he would either say the pain is in the topmost part of the penis or in the middle part of the penis or at the base of the penis.

The second question is… how long has the pain been? since few days or since a long time. If the pain is acute, meaning, it has started after an injury or after sex, then there are different causes for it. and if it is a chronic pain, then the causes are different.

The third question that we ask the patient is Is the pain permanent or sporadic? if it is paining after you pass urine, or after having sex, or it pains when he is seated, it pains in the morning or just during the night. There are different causes for all of them.

The Fourth question that we ask the patient is… Do you have any trouble during urination? along with the pain, if there is any abnormality during urination and there is incomplete urination then, it is very important because there might be an infection in the prostate gland.

Then the question is… is the pain related to sex? Does it hurt when you have an erection? or are you not getting erections? or it begins to hurt only after the erection, or the pain begins after having sex. and the last question we ask is… apart from the pain, can you feel a cut, a bend or a lump in the penis?

Normally if the patient answers these 7 or 8 questions, then, on that basis, we could find out the cause of the pain and we can move toward the treatment.

The first cause of penile pain is phimosis

phimosis is the condition when the foreskin of the penis is too tight or the foreskin is swollen with redness or whiteness in it. both of this are phimosis balanitis the tightening of the penis makes the area sensitive the sensitive area becomes red and white, and the chance of exuding pus is very high. It hurts when you try to retract the skin. In many cases, the skin becomes tight during erection. after sex, the skin becomes so tight that the topmost part hurts because it is very sensitive. sometimes, in the excitement, patient engage in sex and then after discharge, the whole area become sensitive, and it pains for many days. first of all, if the pain is only at the top of your penis and starts just after sex, if the top is too sensitive, the skin is very tight, there is redness, whiteness or rashes in the topmost part. if you think there are pearly penile papules or some white cysts. then, most probably, you have phimosis. by treating the skin or glans would cause remission and end your pain completely.

The second reason is UTI.

UTI means Infection in the urinary tract or Urethra. There could be several causes for the infection. the infection could be caused by urine, the infection could be caused by STD or it could be a sexual infection, gonorrhea, syphilis or herpes sometimes the patient take an antibiotic to treat these infections, but either he doesn’t complete the course, or the antibiotic doesn’t work properly, and that’s the reason why these infections become the root cause of the persistent pain in the penis. The pain can be either severe or mild. most of the time, there would be a pain in the urinary tracts causing pain or irritation after passing urine. The patient would become apprehensive and wouldn’t have sex. a small stone can sometimes be mistaken as UTI. UTI also causes pain sometimes, and urine or semen tests can help to diagnose and treat the problem properly.

Third cause is Peyronies Disease.

The first one is peyronie’s disease. seen mostly in old men above 40, who are suffering from diabetes. and due to diabetes, a lump has formed in their penis. and the lump has caused shrinkage in the penis. and caused a bend in the penis. and it causes pain during erection or sex. so, peyronie’s disease is caused when a lump is formed in the penis due to old age and diabetes. peyronie’s has a younger version called hypoxic fibrosis. Young patients between 20-25 years of age are more prone to hypoxia fibrosis. who had encountered a hidden injury they don’t have diabetes, and they have soft lumps their penis doesn’t contract but when it erects when it gets hard, they feel a lot of pain. the patient’s penis bends during erection causing them pain.

Fourth is hypoxis fibrosis

It is normally seen in the people who are addicted to masturbation. The treatment of both diseases is different. The treatment of hypoxis fibrosis is completely different. but both conditions can be relieved or cured by good treatment.

Then, there is neuropathy.

In neuropathy, there would be no defect in the penis the arteries of the penis and other internal parts would be okay. but the nerves… normally the nerves of the penis enter from the bottom. the nerves of the penis become weak. That is why continuous pain can be felt in the penis. In neuropathy, if treated properly, tecar is very helpful deep tissue massage is very helpful, vitamin-D and vitamin-K injections are very helpful penile massages and some other therapies are also very helpful so, neuropathy patients don’t feel too much pain. They feel just slight pain. Sometimes, this type of pain is also observed in varicocele patients.

Partial Penis Fracture

Then, it is very important… fracture or injury if you have injured your penis and the injury has led to a fracture or the nerves inside the penis have been stretched. so, this too is a very common cause of long-term pain. Many patients come to me saying that they had injured themselves by having hard sex and after that. . . and from then on, for 4 to 6 weeks, there has been a continuous pain which wouldn’t go off. so, if you fracture your hand, you have to rest, in the same way, if there is a fracture or injury in the penis you should take a rest. many times the fracture is not complete but only partial the body heals it, but sometimes it creates a lump and bend in the penis. so, if you have a fracture or injury, then it is very important to properly inspect the penis. so that the cause can be known and the right treatment can be provided.

Two rare causes of penis pain is mondor’s disease and Prostate

Sometimes, the prostatitis patients develop problems in their penis along with urinary problems. and the problem continues for a long time and Mondor is a vein, which has hardened or tightened. so, today you learned that if there is pain in your penis, then, either there is an injury or peyronie’s disease. UTI or some other problem in your skin it is very important to properly treat the pain of the penis.

If there is a pain in the penis, it is a signal that there is some underlying issue in your body our body parts wouldn’t pain without a reason. there is definitely some sort of injury and if you are ignoring that pain and not treating the penis pain properly then there is a high chance that it would turn into a chronic condition and someday cause serious problems like erectile dysfunction and Premature ejaculation.

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