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Patient Review after 3 Piece Penile Prosthesis in India : Quick Surgery, Rapid Recovery and Comfortable Stay

Patient Review after 3 Piece Penile Prosthesis in India
Jason from South Africa gets his Implant with Dr. Govinda

Patient travelled to India for his 3 piece Inflatable Penile Prosthesis (Penile implant). Patient was native of South Africa but travelled from Malaysia.

He underwent Penile Implant under Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta in New Delhi Andrology Clinic. He is the highest volume Penile Implanter in India.

The Infla 10 AX from Rigicon Urology New York USA was used. It is the only hydrophilic coated 3 piece IPP with Girth Expansion in the world today.

It carries a lifetime warranty in contrast to the AMS 700 LGX from Boston .

Surgery was performed in daycare under general anesthesia and perieal block.

Cost of 3 piece penile implant in India is 11500 $

Here is the Transcript of the interview.

Interviewer: Mrs Tenzing Dolkar from Govinda Healthcare.

Patient: Mr Jason from Malaysia.

Tenzing: Hello and welcome back to my YouTube channel. We have a patient who has flown in from South Africa and is now reporting from Malaysia. Mr. Jason Lee Croft, welcome to my show. Thank you for being here. Let’s get straight to the point. You flew in to meet Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta. Why did you choose him?

Jason: Basically, I was doing research on implants and he stood out to me because of the way he spoke and presented the information. He seemed like a specialist in the field, so I decided to go with him.

Tenzing: Dr. Gupta is a urologist and andrologist and one of the highest implanters in New Delhi, India. What’s the history of your problem? You’ve been suffering from erectile dysfunction for 18 years. Can you tell me more about that?

Jason: I broke my neck about 18 years ago in a motorbike accident, which caused my erectile dysfunction. Medicines like Cialis and Viagra worked in the beginning, but as the years went on, they stopped working. That’s why I looked for alternative solutions and found that the implant is probably my best option.

Tenzing: Why did you choose the Rigicon Inflatable 10AX?

Jason: I chose it because it seems like a quality implant and it comes with a lifetime warranty. So that’s why I leaned towards the Rigicon.

Tenzing: That’s a very good implant you’ve chosen and it is of good quality. How did you plan your stay?

Jason: I was planning for about 5 days. I’m a bit tight on time, but your team was able to fit me in so quickly and arrange hotels and taxis, making it a very smooth process.

Tenzing: Have you thought of any tourism places to visit nearby?

Jason: I don’t have that much time available to me, but the place I’m staying at has all stores and restaurants and the people are very friendly and kind, and the food is great.

Tenzing: Do you have any last words to say about Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta and why others should choose him as an andrologist?

Jason: The general service here was great, and the doctor himself is very patient. He answered all my questions and the surgery was smooth. I highly recommend anyone to come over here and have it done.

Tenzing: Was the daycare surgery easy for you?

Jason: It was very easy. I came in around 12:00 o’clock and by 5:00 o’clock, I was on my way out. Everyone looked after me very well.

Tenzing: We will still be in touch with Jason via WhatsApp once he leaves from India and goes back to Malaysia or South Africa. Wherever he is, we’ll always be in touch with him if he needs any more consultation.

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