Artificial Urinary Sphincter Surgery in India

Artificial Urinary Sphincter Surgery in India or AUS is the mainstay to manage male urinary incontinence secondary to prostate surgery. Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Urologist in New Delhi India who regularly performs Artifical Urinary Sphincter (AMS 800 / ContiClassic) Surgery in New Delhi India. With special interest in Prosthetic Urology he has intimate knowledge of the procedure and can provide you the results that you want.

Indications For Artifical Urinary Sphincter

It is recommended to be used in complete male urinary incontinence excluding urge incontinence.

The most common indications are

  • Post prostatectomy incontinence – Men who have incontinence after removal of their prostate gland after radical prostatectomy.
  • Post Benign Prostate Surgery – Incontinence occurring after Laser Prostate Surgery (Holep).
  • Post Urethroplasty incontinence – Patients who have had a pelvic fracture urethral injuryand suffering from incontinence.
  • Neurogenic bladders – Fixed bladder neck incontinence with normal motor and sensory function

Types of AUS (Artifical Urinary Sphincter) Devices

Currently there are two types of AUS available in India

The AMS 800 – This is a cuffed AUS developed and marketed by Boston Scientific in India.

The Rigicon Conticlassic – This is an AUS developed by the Rigicon systems.

The Rigicon Conticlassic – This is an AUS developed by the Rigicon systems.

Both the options are available. The devices come in both single cuff and double cuff configurations.

Implantation Approaches For Aus

The AUS can be placed by two major approaches.

  1. The Combined perineal and the abdominal approach (My preferred approach) – The cuff and the pump are placed through the perineum and the reservoir is placed through an inguinal incision.
  2. The single perineal approach – The entire device is implanted through a single perineal incision

I prefer the placement through the combined route. Makes the surgery easy and quick. And quicker surgery means least amount of infection.

Artifical Urinary Sphincter (Ams 800 / Conticlassic) Surgery Cost In New Delhi India

The AUS surgery cost in India is much cheaper and more affordable than anywhere else in the world.

The costs are

  1. AMS 800 AUS – 815000 INR (11500 USD)
  2. Rigicon Conticlassic – 700000 INR (9500 USD)