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Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta, Andrologist and Urologist, is a Circumcision Specialist in Delhi and an expert in Circumcision in Delhi. He provides the most affordable circumcision cost in Delhi. Circumcision is the surgical treatment of  Phimosis and Foreskin problems. At his Circumcision Clinic in Delhi, ZSR Circumcision and Laser Circumcision are available. Read more for Laser Circumcision in Delhi.

What Is Circumcision?

Circumcision is a minor surgery that is done to correct tight foreskin or phimosis. Circumcision is the surgical cure for phimosis. In this surgery, the circumcision surgeon will remove (cut) the foreskin or the prepuce. This will expose your glans or penis head. The prepuce or foreskin is removed. This will make your glans exposed after circumcision.

Circumcision may also be performed for paraphimosis.

Read about circumcision on wikipedia.

Why Choose Circumcision With Us?

Delhi is the capital city of India. This bustling metropolis in India is home to the Parliament of India and all important historical monuments of India like the Red Fort. Delhi is connected to all the world by excellent airports, railway stations and bus depots. There is easy availability of good quality hotels and food. Excellent financial institutions are available for seamless banking services.

Because of this, getting your circumcision in Delhi makes sense. Coming and going from Delhi for circumcision is easy and affordable.

Circumcision is very commonly performed in Delhi India.

What to Expect In Circumcision (Operative Technique)?

Circumcision is done under local or regional anesthesia. The circumcision surgery is painless. Circumcision is a day care procedure (means you can go home immediately after surgery).

Post circumcision surgery, you can go back home on the same day. You will be able to pee and pass urine normally on the same day. Dressing (Bandage) will be removed after one or two days. The sutures (stitches) are self dissolving and do not need removal. The stitches will melt after 7 days. You can start having sex after 2 weeks of your circumcision surgery.

Usually, sex after circumcision is extra pleasurable. There is more orgasm.  Sometimes it may pain a little (very rare).

Circumcision is also a treatment option for a tight frenulum.

What Are the Types of Circumcision?

There are mainly 3 types of circumcision. ZSR Circumcision is the best among all 3.

  1. Conventional Circumcision – The prepuceis cut with a knife (COLD STEEL) and joint with catgut or vicryl sutures. These stitches are self dissolving and leave no scar after a few weeks.
  2. Laser Circumcision – In this the cutting is done using laser – the laser used in circumcision is CO2 laser (carbon di oxide). At my centre non fractionated CO2 laser by use of hand held laser probe is used for laser circumcision in Delhi. The laser generated energy to cut the skin of the tight prepuce. There is no bleeding at all.
  3. ZSR Circumcision – Revolutionary new technique. Read here.

Circumcision Videos (Click to Play)

Video 1 – Conventional Circumcision Technique – Step by Step

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Is Laser Circumcision in Delhi Available?

In Delhi , Laser for circumcision has been utilized. Instead of cautery, carbon dioxide laser is used to cut the penile preputial skin. Laser circumcision is more expensive than conventional circumcision. Laser circumcision is available at my circumcision clinic in Delhi.

Laser circumcision ensures minimal bleeding and good skin edges. Laser circumcision may have certain disadvantages like increased cost. But, laser circumcision is better than conventional circumcision because of minimal bleeding. But due to burning of skin it can cause delayed healing.

Laser Circumcision may cause severe harm also.

Contact 09592999184 or email on to schedule your own laser circumcision in Delhi at the total cost of (Read here).

Video 1 – Conventional Circumcision Technique – Step by Step

The price of regular circumcision in Delhi is 16000 Indian Rupees all inclusive (250 US Dollar) (Effective November 2017 to December 2020)


The prices do no cover insurance coverage if any.

What Are the Alternatives to Circumcision?

The alternatives to circumcision are and include –

Is Circumcision Available in Delhi?

Circumcision, though a simple procedure, requires care and expertise to provide good cosmetic results. I specialise in cosmetic penile surgeries and can give you the best results for circumcision in Delhi. It is always better to trust a circumcision specialist rather than untrained surgeons to perform circumcision in Delhi.

Which Is Best Clinic for Circumcision in India?

The best clinic for circumcision in Delhi is Govinda Healthcare Medicentre in Karol Bagh. Karol bagh is a suburb that is surrounded on all sides by dense population.

Delhi is the capital city of India with a rich history and past. Delhi is easily accessible by train, flight and buses. Delhi has a well developed public transportation system, is safe and has good quality hotels and excellent food and cuisine. Delhi also has its very own Metro Rail network for easy travel.

Karol Bagh area has many foreign exchanges and banks for tourists to allow easy financial transactions.

If you are travelling to Delhi for your circumcision, my team can arrange stay and good quality hotels for you in your price range.

Delhi is the best city for a circumcision because

  1. Centrally located near Patel Nagar, Old Rajender Nagar and Pahar Ganj
  2. Good Hotels nearby in Connaught Place and South Delhi
  3. Well connected with Karol Bagh Metro Station and Shastri Nagar Metro station
  4. Well connected near Sarai Rohilla and New Delhi Railway station
  5. Well Connected with New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport
  6. Well connected with Kashmiri gate ISBT
  7. Honest Pricing
  8. Best Results
  9. On the cross roads of South Delhi with West Delhi