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Diabetic Balanoposthitis Treatment
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Secondary Phimosis is extremely common in Diabetics. Diabetes leads to balanoposthitis which can be very painful for patients. In today’s post we will understand what is Diabetic Balanoposthitis and know about Diabetic Balanoposthitis treatment in New Delhi. As you know we are the Only Authorised ZSR Circumcision Center in North India and Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta providing best diabetic Balanoposthitis treatment in New Delhi, India ZSR Circumcision is the best daycare treatment for Diabetic balanoposthitis.

Diabetic Balanoposthitis Treatment In New Delhi

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Diabetic Balanoposthitis

What is Diabetic Balanoposthitis ?

Diabetic balanoposthtitis is a type of secondary phimosis. It is defined as the inflammation, swelling and tearing of foreskin, frenulum and the glans in Diabetic men. It occurs due to following reasons.

  • Diabetes cause microvascular damage causing endarteritis of the foreskin
  • Tissue damage and necrosis of the foreskin blood supply
  • Recurrent infections
  • Swelling and edema
  • Recurrent tears cause tissue scarring and phimosis
  • Glanular inflammation
  • Collection of smegma in the dead space

This can cause severe swelling and pain in the foreskin area. Retracting the foreskin becomes difficult. Patients get painful recurrent cuts when having intercourse.

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Treatment of Diabetic Balanoposthitis in Delhi India

  • Control diabetes. Manage blood sugar in target range.
  • Maintain strict hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Use of emollients and moisturizers

Circumcision by ZSR method is the definitive treatment of Diabetic Balanoposthitis