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Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is an expert in Impotence Treatment (ED Cure) in Delhi India. He is a qualified Urologist and Andrologist. He is also an Expert Sexologist. He believes in practicing scientific and ethical medicine and is an expert in Mens Clinic approach for treating erectile dysfunction or impotence. He provides the best erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi.

If you are reading this, you must have already become familiar with the terminology and definition of erectile dysfunction and impotence. Chances are, you may have read detailed manuals and treatise from the best minds out there. It is also a high possibility that you have tried treatments and failed them. But, for the sake of continuity, I would like to stress on my personal definition of Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence.

Erectile dysfunction is a health state in a man, where he is not able to maintain erection (in quality or length of time) to fully satisfy himself or his partner. This is the most wide definition I could think of.

Because I believe Erectile Dysfunction is a condition with many layers and variation that it cannot be applied to just the erect penis.

Erectile dysfunction not only effects the man physically, but also causes emotional and psychological trauma. It can also lead to interpersonal conflict with his partner (a man or a woman). It can lead to breaking up of self confidence and effect work life balance. It can be a reason for divorce or marital discord.

It can present at any age and has varied causes. It may affect a young pubertal boy or a sexagenarian. But in any form, Erectile dysfunction or Impotence is fully curable in the majority of cases. In the current scenario of so many treatment options, living with erectile dysfunction should not be acceptable to any man.

What Are The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction Or Impotence?

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction. Sometimes one or two causes may coexist. Sometimes one cause may lead to the other causing a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. The most common variety. It is truly said that a sex happens between the ears and not between the legs. This condition is becoming more and more common with changing times. Stress, conflict, anxiety and tension can turn off ones desire completely. There is only so much the penis can do, without desire. Overdose of pornographic material is also progressively numbing the male senses. It is much too common to see young men today, not able to sustain interest in their partners, but having a ravenous hunger for pornography. In this process they forget the basics of arousal and sex. This cycle of inadequate arousal causes inadequate erections, causing anxiety and progressively weaker erections. Other causes may be performance anxiety, especially in newly married men. Unreal expectations from both partners, especially in today hypersexual times, can lead to anxiety and stress. Anxiety causes decreased cortisol levels and increased levels of adrenergic output, causing erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Vasculogenic ED Or Arterial Impotence

The least common variety, but the one treated most aggressively by quacks. The penis, is nothing but a bag of blood. At arousal, the vessels within the penis dilate and get filled with blood causing erections. If these blood vessels get affected either due to age, or cholesterol or trauma, it effects the blood filling in the penis. This kind of erectile dysfunction is especially common among older gentle men or among the obese. Sometimes pelvic fractures or trauma can cause the arteries supplying the penis to get blocked causing ED or Impotence.

A very common but rarely diagnosed condition. Especially common among older men or obese men. The penis when fully erect, gets filled with blood, but the outlet to blood flow gets closed. Causing rigidity. If this outlet or veins remain open, how much ever blood enters the penis, it ll never stay and cause weak erections. Fracture of the penis or patients having undergone surgery on the penis may suffer from this particular dysfunction.

Neurogenic Impotence

For erection to occur two stimuli are required. One is central – means to see fell touch and smell your partner. Event he very though of thinking about sexual activity leads to signals moving to the penis. And second and most important is direct touch and vibratory stimulus to the penis. Both these signals need functioning nerves. Diabetes and other diseases can affect these nerves. With everything normal, inadequate neural activity can lead to impotence.

What Are The Treatment Options For Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction Treatment In Delhi)?

The treatment options for erectile dysfunction treatment in delhi are

Oral Pharmacological (Medical Treatment)

Read my complete article on this topic here. Oral therapies for erectile dysfunction are highly effective. But this same reason makes them highly misused. Many a men suffer from inadequate dosage or inadequate administration. They require expert care for best use.

Intracavernosal (Intrapenile Injections)

Injections are available that when given in the penis can cause hard rigid erections. Again require very expert care to prevent side effects. This therapy is best suited for older men, indulging in occasional sex or having very supportive partners.

EDWST (Linear Shock Wave Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction)

The new kid on the block. Considered a good treatment for vasculogenic impotence. Available as the ED 1000 or Renova Device. Provides Shock Waves to the Penis causing new blood flow to develop in the penis. Read more here.

Vacuum Suction Devices

Vacurect or suction devices or Bongs. Very effective. But many men dont prefer the discoloration and swelling they cause. Some men prefer the thick erections they provide.

Constriction Rings

Effective for venous impotence.

Semirigid, rigid, inflatable penile prosthesis. In refractory cases, can provide effective therapy and long term results.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Delhi (Impotence Cure)

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