Hematuria (Blood In Urine) – Common Causes And
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Blood in urine or Hematuria is a worrisome symptom and needs prompt and thorough evaluation by a qualified urologist. Hematuria can be gross (blood in urine) or microscopic hematuria (urine rbc). Contact Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta, specialist in Hematuria treatment in New Delhi India. To know more about Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta

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Hematuria (Blood In Urine) Definition

Hematuria is defined as presence of blood in urine. Ideally the kidneys will filter upto a million RBC in Urine everyday. But since the normal urine output is atleast 1 litre, under a microscope, only 2 RBC/High power field are seen. If under a microscope, your urologist can see more than 2 RBC/HPF, then it denotes microscopic hematuria. If the RBC in urine are so much that the urine turns red, or clots are passed, its called gross hematuria or hematuria.

Hematuria is a symptom to worry as it can be the first indicator of a frightful diagnosis. But, fortunately, 95% of patients with hematuria will have an easily treatable cause. But, that still means that hematuria needs a thorough workup and treatment.

A urologist is the best qualified doctor to deal with heamturia.

Microscopic Hematuria- RBC In Urine Examination

If your urine is normal coloured, but in your urine microscope examination, the pathologist has reported more than 2 RBC s per high power field, then its called microscopic hematuria.

Your chances of harbouring cancer, if you have microscopic hematuria is approximately 2%. But there are many other common causes that need treatment. Some of those causes are medical, but the common causes requiring surgery and a urological consult are-

Kidney stones

Urological cancers – Kidney cancerprostate cancerurinary bladder cancer, ureter cancer

Benign prostatic hypertrophy/ BPH

Urinary tract infections

Sexually transmitted disease

urethral stricture

After a diagnosis, a cause is found in 98% of the patients, but after all search, in some men or women no cause may be ever found. In such a case, you would need re evaluation every 6 months.

Gross Hematuria / Blood In Urine

If you are passing frankly red urine or clots in urine, then the causes are the same as for microscopic hematuria but the chances of having a cancer are higher. Upto 20%.

But, in 80% cases , no cause may be found and you need close follow up at 3 monthly intervals.

Hematuria without pain is more worrisome than one associated with pain.

The best person to asses your hematuira is an urologist.

Tests Needed To Diagnose Hematuria

There are certain minimum tests needed to adequately diagnose and treat hematuria or blood in urine.

Blood tests – Serum creatinine, serum PSA, coagulation parameters, Liver function tests and platelet counts.

Radiological Imaging – Contrast enhanced CT scan, MRI or Ultrasound

Urine tests – Urine culture, urine routine microscopy, urine for malignant cells

Cystoscopy – Cystopanendoscopy

I am confident in evaluating each of these tests in detail to give you the best treatment for hematuria in Delhi NCR.

Hematuria Treatment In New Delhi India

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