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Fluid In Testicle Sack

You are visiting this page because you are looking for Hydrocele treatment in Delhi. On this page learn about Hydrocele Surgery in Delhi and Hydrocele treatment cost in Delhi. Dr Vijayant G Gupta is a Hydrocele Doctor in Delhi who also does Hydrocele treatment without surgery in Delhi.

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a UrologistUrologist are experts in hydrocele treatment and hydrocele surgery. For hydrocele treatment in Delhi and Hydrocele Surgery in Delhi, take an appointment from Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta today, or take a free e consult via email.

What Is A Hydrocele? What Is Fluid In Testicle Sack ?

Hydrocele is defined as a collection of water or fluid in the testicle sack. The fluid is collected in the tunica vaginalis. Tunica vaginalis is a thin layer covering the testis. The testicle in hydrocele patients is normal.

This fluid buildup in testicle is slow and progressive over a few years. Hydrocele have no effect on the patients ability to father children.

Why Is Hydrocele Treatment In Delhi Needed?

In Delhi, most commonly patients seek treatment for Hydrocele because of the following reasons

  • Embarrassment/Cosmetic appearance of swelling in testis
  • Pain on standing or working with hydrocele
  • Difficulty in having sex with fluid buildup in testicle

What Is Hydrocele Surgery In Delhi?

Hydrocele surgery in Delhi is called hydrocelectomy. The best treatment for Hydrocele is by hydrocele surgery. Hydrocele surgery is of many types. The best hydrocele surgery is the “eversion of sac” technique of hydrocelectomy. The sac containing the water is opened and turned inside out. The water is removed and their is no place for it to collect again.

Is Hydrocele Surgery In Delhi Painful? What Is The Recovery Period From Hydrocele Surgery In Delhi?

Hydrocele treatment in Delhi is not painful. The surgery is comfortable and patient recovers in 7 days. The surgery is done under full anaesthesia. The patient can go home the same day in some cases.

Hydrocele surgery is usually performed on a day care basis. After hydrocele treatment you need minimal bed rest and can join work in a few days. If you have a sitting job, you can join work the next day.

What Is Hydrocele Surgery Cost In Delhi? What Is The Cost Of Hydrocele Treatment In Delhi?

Hydrocele surgery cost in Delhi depends on the size of Hydrocele, anaesthesia used, number of days stay in Hospital and age of patient.

Hydrocele treatment cost in Delhi is 30000 Indian Rupees all inclusive package for one side.

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Who Is The Best Hydrocele Doctor In Delhi?

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is an expert doctor for hydrocele treatment in Delhi. He has performed over 2000 hydrocele surgery in Delhi. Write to him on admin@drvijayantgovinda.com.

Is It Possible To Have Hydrocele Treatment Without Surgery In Delhi?

Hydrocele is a common problem in Delhi. Because of this patients want to avoid surgery. Some patients want hydrocele treatment without surgery in Delhi.

The hydrocele treatment without surgery are removal of the water with a needle or sclerotherapy.

Depending on your situation different treatment may suit you. So consulting a urologist is essential.