Non Surgical Treatment of
Kidney Stones In New Delhi

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is an Urologist and kidney stone expert in New Delhi India. Here he discusses medical dissolution therapy as a non surgical approach to kidney stones in contrast to RIRS/PNL or ESWL. Non Surgical Treatment of Kidney Stones in New Delhi, India.

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Non Surgical Management Of Kidney Stones In New Delhi India

There are some situations where you may choose conservative therapy.

They are

  • Not willing for surgery – Exams, pregnancy, travel, work, family situation. Endless reasons why you may wish to postpone surgery for some time. I understand.
  • Failed or Too many surgeries -Sometime even after the best effort of an urologist, some small stones may be left behind in the kidney
  • Recurrent stones – You may have already undergone surgery in the past and do not wish for surgey right now
  • Unfit for surgery – old age, heart disease, diabetes
  • Very tiny stone – the risk of surgery is more than the risk of waiting

In the above situation you may decide to wait. I would advice the same, but caution needs to be exercised. There are very specific precautions during waiting for treatment. And some stones cannot wait. They will cause infection or worse lead to damaged kidneys.

Your urologist is the best person to advice you regarding conservative therapy. based on tests he will determine the size of your stone, number, whether they are infected, whether they can damage your kidneys, and if they will grow bigger on waiting.

Lifestyle Changes To Avoid Kidney Stone Surgery

If you and your urologist decide to wait, then there are certain lifestyle changes you should consider to optimize your waiting period.

  • Increase water intake – drinking upto 4 litres of water is good for you.  Remember avoid Tea/Caffeine and sweetened drinks. Carbonated water or Spritzer without sugar is beneficial.
  • Decrease your salt intake to 1- 2 g/day. Avoid all achaar and pickles
  • Moderate your animal protein especially avoid red meat
  • Exercise and maintain ideal body weight – Remember stay well hydrated though during exercise

Apart you will need regular follow up to determine stable stone size.

Medication To Treat Kidney Stones

The various medications are like

  • Neeri
  • Cystone
  • Pottasium Citrate
  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Thiazides
  • Calcium Supplements
  • Anti Uric Acid

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