Non Retracting Foreskin In Boys | Phimosis
Treatment In Children

Foreskin Problems in Boys is very common. World class Phimosis treatment in Children in now available in New Delhi India. Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is an expert in treatment of Foreskin Problems of Boys and treating Phimosis in Children in New Delhi India.

Foreskin Problems In Boys | Tight Foreskin In Children

What Are The Common Foreskin Problems In Boys ?

The prepuce or foreskin is a skin covering over the penis. Ideally, it will not cause any problems and is normal in boys. This foreskin usually retracts completely by age 3 years in most children. This happens automatically and does not cause any problems in children. Sometimes the foreskin may cause some problems in young boys.

It may cause the following problems in children boys

  1. Pain – Child may suffer from pain, burning, irritation to penis if penis is not cleaned
  2. White discharge – Some whitish materials or hard material like keratin pearls may collect under the skin
  3. Difficulty in passing urine – if the hole is closed very tight the child may face burning or difficulty in passing urine
  4. Infection and UTI – Child may develop recurrent infections of kidney and urinary tract
  5. Parental concern – Mothers or family may be alarmed by the closed foreskin

When Does the Foreskin Retract Naturally In Children?

Usually the foreskin will retract naturally by the age of 4 years. If the foreskin in young boys is not retracted by age of 3 years or they have the following problems it is called phimosis in children.

  1. Redness
  2. Swelling
  3. White discharge
  4. Infections again and again
  5. Burning in urine
  6. Extremely tight opening

If any of the following conditions exist then the child requires treatment for his foreskin problem.

What Are the Options For Phimosis Treatment In Children?

  • Circumcision– Read my excellent article here.
  • Dorsal Slit– Read more here.
  • Stretching and adhesiolysis under anesthesia
  • Medical treatment with steroids or creams – like Betnovate