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Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a board certified Reconstructive Urologist in India. He is the foremost expert on Phimosis Treatment in New Delhi, India. He sees and operates more than 500 patients suffering from tight forskin (prepuce) problems every month. He is also the highest volume circumcision specialist in India. He has performed successfully more than 10,000 surgeries for phimosis since 2015. He has extensive experience in treating tight foreskin problems (Phimosis).

Tight foreskin aka prepuce is a disease called phimosis. He is by far the best surgeon for Phimosis in Delhi. The surgical treatment for Phimosis is called Circumcision. For Circumcision in Delhi India (read here).

(*This article is written and verified by Dr Vijayant G Gupta. All medical information in the article is current and up to date as on date of publication)

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Phimosis Treatment In New Delhi
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What Is A Prepuce?

Prepuce is the loose foreskin covering over the tip of the penis (glans) in men. Prepuce is also called as the foreskin. People with their prepuce intact are called uncut (slang). In some religions and communities, the prepuce is removed at birth by the parents as a ritual practice. In New Delhi Hinduism is a majority religion. Prepuce is not routinely removed in Hindus of India. In Hindus and many other religions like the Sikhs and the Jains the prepuce is not touched.

What Is Phimosis?

If the prepuce or the foreskin gets tight, the condition is called Phimosis. In normal adult men, the prepuce should roll back easily. The penis may be flaccid or erect, the foreskin should roll back without any pain or discomfort. If the foreskin is tight and there is difficulty in retracting the foreskin, it is called phimosis.

What Is Phimosis

There are 2 types of Phimosis. The 2 types of phimosis are partial phimosis or complete phimosis.

  1. Partial Phimosis – If the foreskin retract in the flaccid state but it tight during the erect state.
  2. Complete Phimosis – If the foreskin is closed or tight in flaccid and erect conditions.
Grades of Phimosis

What are the Grades of Tight Foreskin In Adults?

Video on the grades of Phimosis

Meulli et al have classified phimosis in 4 grades. But this grading is valid for children. As of today there is no grading of phimosis for adults. I have proposed a newer classification of grades of phimosis in adults. (Awaiting publication).

  • Grade I – fully retractable prepuce with stenotic ring in the shaft
  • Grade II – partial retractability with partial exposure of the glans
  • Grade III – partial retractability with exposure of the meatus only
  • Grade IV – no retractability
  • Grade V – Any grade with BXO / Balanitis

What Are the Common Prepuce Problems?

Problems caused by a tight foreskin are

  1. Difficulty in sex – Ideally the prepuce will retract back exposing the glans and allow men to have sex. But in some men, the prepuce or foreskin will not retract back or will be painful making it difficult to have intercourse. It may also occur due to a tight frenulum (frenulum breve).
  2. Cosmesis – Some men when adults, simply find the prepuce or foreskin to be cosmetically unappealing.
  3. Phimosis – If the prepuce does not retract back – the condition is called phimosis. This may hinder with sex and hygiene.
  4. Para Phimosis – Sometimes a tight prepuce when retracted forcefully may get stuck behind the glans, and cause swelling – a condition called para phimosis.
  5. Balanitis – A tight prepuce may cause recurrent infections in men leading to balanitis
  6. Sensitive glans
  7. Premature Ejaculation (Read here on why phimosis may cause PME)

Surgical Treatment Options For Tight Foreskin In New Delhi, India

The treatment for a tight foreskin or Phimosis can be any of the following –

Non-Surgical Cure Of Phimosis? Is It Possible?

A frequently asked concern of many patients is that can phimosis be cured without surgery. The answer is both a yes and no. In grade 1 Phimosis in children, tight foreskin may be cured without surgery. But even then results are terrible. The valid non surgical treatment options for phimosis are

  • Stretching – the stretching may be with fingers or devices like the novoglan.
  • Steroid cream for phimosis – I totally forbid steroid application. It can cause major harms such as infections and even erectile dysfunction. It is not a permanent method and can cause conversion of grade 1 cases to grade 5.

Best Surgeon for Phimosis Treatment In New Delhi, India

Dr Vijayant G Gupta is the best surgeon for Phimosis in New Delhi, India. He performs more than 1000 surgeries in a month with 100 percent cure rates. The advantages of getting your treatment with me are –

  • Vast experience
  • More than 10000 cases done
  • Can manage all complications
  • Economical pricing
  • Latest ZSR technology
  • Easy accessibility – Clinic is central located in Delhi
Phimosis Cost In India

What Is Phimosis Treatment Cost In Delhi?

The cost of phimosis treatment depends on the surgery you choose to cure it. You can read about the cost of circumcision here. We perform ZSR circumcision for 27400 INR all inclusive. All panels, TPA and insurances are accepted.