PSA Test For Prostate Cancer
Screening And Diagnosis In New Delhi

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a Urologist in Delhi who is a specialists in the treatment of Prostate Cancer. He is the best doctor who doing Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test for Prostate Cancer, to read more about Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Test for Prostate Cancer Screening and Diagnosis in New Delhi India continue. This article is written by a qualified certified Urologist (Dr Vijayant G Gupta) and all information is from verified medical sources and accurate at the time of publication.

What Is Prostate Specific Antigen Test (Serum PSA)

Prostate specific antigen or PSA or PSA test or PSA level is a blood test that is usually used to screen, detect or treat prostate cancer. PSA and prostate cancer are usually related, but not always. PSA or PSA test is difficult test and elevated PSA level need to be evaluated very carefully before making a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Dr VG Gupta talks about PSA in English

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Where Is PSA Produced?

PSA is actually produced by the prostate gland. It goes in your semen and this is the enzyme which makes your semen white and liquid and allows intercourse. But in prostate disease, inflammation or prostate cancer, PSA leaks into the blood causing rise in PSA level.

What Is The Normal PSA Level In Delhi India

There is no normal single PSA level. It is a range. Normal PSA levels are between 1 and 4 ng/ml. If you are below 55 years of age, have symptoms or have had family history of prostate cancer, even levels upto 2.5 may prompt further evaluation. PSA levels may rise in diseases other than prostate cancer. Inflammation, infection, recent sex, stress may lead to elevated PSA levels. In such scenario, it is wise to repeat levels from a good lab after consulting your urologist. If you are above 70 years or have a large prostate gland, psa levels above 4 ng/ml may actually be normal for you. But, still if you have had a PSA test and your levels are elevated, consulting a urologist would be prudent decision.

What Is Free and Total PSA Levels

Sometimes total PSA levels may be elevated, but you may have had a negative biopsy or your clinical condition may not indicate cancer. Or the other way round, your PSA levels are below 4 but clinically your urologist may have a strong suscpicion of cancer. In these circumstances, there exist PSA variants such as Free PSA, Percentage free PSA and PrePRoPSA that in combination may help in making a decision. Free PSA means that PSA that is not combined with protein. It may be measured as a percentage or absolute values. High Free PSA or High percentage of Free PSA indicates cancer.

Is PSA Screening Recommended In New Delhi India?

You may have been advised PSA screening. It may have been advised by your local doctor. PSA screening is defined as doing a PSA test in a man, who has no symptoms, is healthy and has no family history. It is done with the notion, that early detection of prostate cancer, can allow early treatment and prevent death. It is a wrong approach. It has never been proven that PSA screening prevents death or that early diagnosis prolongs life in men. On the other hand PSA screening may cause stress, worry and financial troubles including subject you to unnecessary surgery and procedures. For this reason, in the US and much of Europe, PSA screening is not recommended. Even in India as of now the Urological Society of India is silent on PSA screening. I do not support PSA screening, but if you have had a screen and are now confused about your options, you can get a ethical clear consult from me that will clear many of your doubts. At the same time, if you have a family history, symptoms, predisposing conditions or have been advised by your physician, kindly follow the advice of your physician.

Uses of PSA Test / PSA Level

It makes great sense to get your PSA done from a good trusted laboratory and keep records. PSA test / PSA level can have multiple uses such as Follow up of PSA levels. Over the years it can help in predicting cancer.