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Revision Circumcision In Delhi India

Dr Vijayant G Gupta at Govinda Healthcare Clinic in Karol Bagh, New Delhi India, specialises in correcting (revising) circumcisions performed elsewhere. For revision circumcision in Delhi India please contact on 09592999184 (Whatsapp) or email to admin@drvijayantgovinda.com.

What Is The Ideal Circumcision?

There is no ideal technique to perform circumcision. Different surgeons performs different methods. But whatever technique performed, the ideal circumcision should meet the following criteria.

  1. Adequate remaining skin on the penis – not too much and not too less.
  2. Smooth cut skin edges with non ragged margins
  3. Adequately cut and positioned frenulum
  4. No torsion of the penis
  5. No bending of the penis on erection
  6. No burying of penis on erection

If your surgeon has performed a good circumcision, you will find all these to be perfect. See pictures of a well done circumcision.

When Do You Need Revision Circumcision?

You may need to correct your circumcision if your previous surgery does not match the ideals of a good surgery. If even after one month of your surgery you have any of the following problems, you need to get your circumcision revised.

  1. Painful erections after circumcision
  2. Bending of penis
  3. Ugly looking skin or edges
  4. knots or bumps in the skin edges
  5. Difficulty in passing urine
  6. Bleeding or infection of skin edges

What Are The Techniques To Revise Your Circumcision?

There are many techniques to revise the circumcision. Each case requires individual assessment and individual planning. In some cases just a simple re do surgery may suffice. In some cases more complex plastic surgery may be required. Sometimes the surgery may require 2 stages or more if a really bad job has been done by the previous surgeon. A skin graft to revise the circumcision scar mat be required.

Revision Circumcision In Delhi India

At my clinic in New Delhi India, me and my team is ready to provide you the best results for your revision circumcision surgery. You can leave an enquiry on 09592999184 (Whatsapp) or email me the details on admin@drvijayantgovinda.com for more information.