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ZSR Circumcision : Frequently Asked Questions
ZSR Circumcision In New Delhi India

ZSR Circumcision is the most advanced circumcision technology available in the world as of date. This simple innovative surgical tool makes circumcision easy and quick. Dr. Vijayant Govinda Gupta is the only authorized ZSR circumcision specialist in India. On this page find the answers for the most frequently asked questions about ZSR Circumcision.

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What is ZSR Circumcision ?

ZSR Circumcision is a method of circumcision that utilizes a circumcision stapler. The ZSR circumcision stapler measures, cuts, does hemostasis and seals the cut margins in one single mechanical action. This makes ZSR circumcision quick, bloodless, painless and stitch less as compared to conventional circumcision.

What are the advantages of ZSR Circumcision over Conventional Circumcision ?

ZSR Circumcision has multiple benefits over conventional circumcision. It is quicker, causes no or significantly less pain, is bloodless, and uses no stitches. Because of its quick action and good hemostasis ZSR circumcision causes no post operative swelling or scarring. It also heals faster and gives a better cosmetic appearance.

Is Laser Circumcision same as ZSR Circumcision ?

No Laser circumcision is different from ZSR Circumcision. ZSR Circumcision is performed by the patented proprietary trademarked ZSR Circumcision device manufacture by ZSR Biomedical China. All other devices used are categorized as laser circumcision. Laser circumcision is non standardized and may cause significant harms.

How much time does ZSR Circumcision take to do ?

ZSR circumcision is a very quick procedure. In well trained hands, the entire procedure can be performed in less than 5 minutes.

What kind of anesthesia is used for ZSR Circumcision ?

Local anesthesia is preferred for ZSR Circumcision. But it can also be performed under regional or General Anesthesia.

Does ZSR Circumcision cause erectile dysfunction ?

No, ZSR Circumcision does not cause erectile dysfunction. Rather it can improve male sexual function by improving the quality of sex.

Does ZSR Circumcision cause penile shortening?

No, ZSR Circumcision does not cause penile shortening. Rather it improves flaccid penile length and erect penile length.

What is partial ZSR Circumcision?

If ZSR circumcision device is used to remove only a portion of the foreskin and not the complete skin, it is called partial circumcision. Partial ZSR Circumcision can help in curing phimosis will preserving the foreskin.