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Straining to pass urine may be a urethral stricture – Know more

Urethral stricture means the narrowing of the urine pipe. This narrowing may be due to many reasons. But the most common symptom is straining to pass urine. In today’s video Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta discusses the various causes of urethral stricture and its treatment options.

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Youtube video on Urethral Stricture

In this video –

  1. What is a Urethral Stricture – It is narrowing of the urethra.
  2. What are the symptoms – Straining, dribbling etc
  3. Why do these strictures happen ?
  4. Types of strictures – PPU and BXO
  5. Types of treatment options – OIU and Urethroplasty
  6. Tests for Urethral stricture – MCU / RGU

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