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Satisfied Patient after AMS 700 LGX Penile Implant Revision in New Delhi India | Friends for Life

This post details patient experience and satisfaction with his 3 piece penile implant revision in New Delhi India (AMS 700 LGX to a new AMS 700 CX).

Jeff was in heaven. At 60 he was having the best time of his life. Living a retired life in Philippines after working as a head engineer in Texas, USA.

He was a happy man. He had just found a girlfriend who was 20 years. And with his penile implant, they were having tremendous sex. Sex was good and life was better. He had the original surgery in Houston and was pretty satisfied with his AMS 700 LGX. AMS 700 series is a three piece inflatable penile prosthesis.

Then there was trouble. One night during his romp, he felt the erection go and a swelling in his penis. He knew right then then his implant had ruptured. He tried pumping it again and all he could feel was the sound of a ruptured pump. He was now with a malfunctioning penile implant.

ruptured penile implant - ams 700 malfunction
Malfunctioning ruptured AMS 700 LGX

He immediately began looking for options and he could not find anyone in Philippines to repair an inflatable penile prosthesis or replace it. He called in Houston, and they asked him to fly back. But no insurance would cover his revision in the US.

Then he found me and he decided to fly to India for his AMS 700 LGX revision in New Delhi.

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta revised his old AMS 700 LGX to a new AMS 700 CX penile implant. AMS and Boston Scientific global warranty is valid in india.

new AMS 700 CX in Kidney tray
New AMS 700 ready to go in

In this video he shares his experience.

Jeff shares his experience after his implant revision with me

Do see these parts

05:52 “I am absolutely thrilled”
00:20 “There is no other place to go”

Technical Points
Old AMS 700 lgx failed due to pump failure and bursting of left crural rod. Implant removed en toto and new AMS 700 CXR placed. Post operative course smooth. Patient recovered completely.

Feedback Main points

  1. 04:21 New Delhi is english speaking – loved that
  2. 05:10 Hospitality at Govinda healthcare was unbeaten
  3. 06:15 Price point – “Cheapest Penile Implant surgery in the world”
  4. Friends for life

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