Difficult Penile Implant in fibrosed corporal body | Penile Implant in Caverject users

Corporal fibrosis is a very difficult situation. When placing a penile prosthesis it is of utmost importance that the crura are adequately dilated.

It has 2 benefits.

  1. Allows maximal length and width to allow the best results.
  2. Prevent later shortening of the penis

But many men with erectile dysfunction use Caverject or intracavernosal injections when Cialis (What is Cialis see video) stops working. Though Caverject can delay an implant but it also causes crural fibrosis.

Learn more about crural fibrosis after caverject use. (Pubmed link)

This fibrosis leads to penile shortening and also makes subsequent implantation difficult.

Today’s patient from Arizona USA, is a long time Diabetic.

Using Caverject for more than 2 years, his crura had become rock hard. And putting in a implant was super tough.

For him we had to use two technical modifications.

  1. Had to do a corportotomy at two levels (multiple corporotomy) and dilate all the way between them. Allowed us to get all the way across and use all the length we could get.
  2. Had to use a cavernotome to really dilate well so as to get all the width we could.

We managed to get in a full sized CX in him. But in such cases we always keep a AMS 700 CXR as a backup.

The moral of the story. If you are a Diabetic and a young patient with ED you will definitely transit to an implant sooner than later.

Consider going directly for one without using a Caverject. Will save the trouble and give you a good length and better results with your implant.

Dr Vijayant govinda Gupta doing cavernotomy with a cavernotome (penile fibrosis and penile implantation)

AMS Boston Scientific 700 LGX - Penile prosthesis for penile implant

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