Rigicon Infla 10 AX : How to Inflate and Deflate

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Learn how to use your new Rigicon Infla 10 AX penile prosthesis. This implant is an inflatable penile prosthesis (IPP). It is the only IPP with hydrophilic coating with length and girth extension.

Because of this there is no loss of length in post op period.

This is a video from a qualified surgeon. Patient information confidential. Patient consent obtained before publishing.

The Infla 10 AX increases in Length and Girth by upto 30% on inflation. That means if your post op flaccid length is 12 cm, it can go to 15 cm with constant use.

A 44 year old man who had penile fracture and arteriogenic ED underwent this procedure. The surgery was clean. I perform IPP by No Touch technique.

Because I perform more than 250 implants a year, the results have improved. Note in this patient there is no swelling. There is not a drop of bruising or pain. I prefer cycling the implant early. Here we start cycling the implant in 12 days. Early cycling helps preserve length and size.

Note: Patient had also undergone a microsurgical varicocele repair earlier. The incision is not a counterincision.

As you can see the implant is easy to inflate and deflate. The patient managed to learn the process in 2 or 3 attempts. The implant gives very good girth and length. Also gives good hardness.

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Surgeon – Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta ( @Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta )

Location : New Delhi, India

Hospital : Govinda Medicenter

Implant : Rigicon Infla 10 AX (Size 18cm with RTE 4 cm and 110 ml reservoir)

Incision: Penoscrotal

Reservoir location Default

Surgery time : 35 minutes

Anesthesia: Regional

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