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3 common reasons for Bend in Penis

Bend in the penis can be distressing. It can be a cause for embarrassment and pain.

Penis can bend due to many reasons. Common reason are hypospadias, CPC and Peyronies plaque

There are three common causes of bend in your penis. This condition is also called penile curvature or chordee.

The three common reasons for penile curvature are

Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta is a global expert in correcting penile curvature. Me and my team correct all sorts of deformities and Penile abnormalities.

Surgery is not always required. But if surgery is required for correction of penis bend then it’s safe.

But surgery for penile curvature if needs to be done is best done by experts.

In today’s blog post I describe three recent corrections i did for patients with Penile bend.

1 day : 3 Cases of Penile Curvature

Case 1 45 year old Male with NO Diabetesand Ventral Penile plaque with NO ED with 90 degree curvature

Surgery: plaque excision eguidio technique with Bovine pericardial graft
Note: hourglass deformity also corrected

Post op: correction complete

Case 2 : Hypospadias with ventral chordee

Surgery : chordee release with neomeatus with Byars flap.

Correction complete

Case 3 : congenital penile curvature with biplanar bend (left and ventral)

Surgery : minimally invasive Plication ( foreskin preserving)

NVB dissected, progressive Plication to preserve length.

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