Penile Implant Revision : Indian malleable to Rigicon Infla 10 AX

In this video we replace an Indian malleable implant with a new rigicon infla 10 ax.

Rigicon Infla 10 ax is a 3 piece inflatable penile implant.

It is the only penile implant with length expansion and hydrophilic coating. Surgery was performed by Dr Vijayant Govinda Gupta in New Delhi India. Hospital name is New Delhi Andrology Clinic.Surgery duration was 60 minutes. About Rigicon Infla 10 AX – Inflatable 3 piece penile implant. Reservoir is low profile of 110 ml. Size is 18 cm and has both length and girth expansion.

Pros of Indian malleable – Affordable, Durable, Length, Girth and Hardness

Pros of Rigicon Infla 10 AX – Life Time guarantee, Conceal, Natural Erections, Hardness

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