Phimosis kya hai? लिंग की चमड़ी नही खुलती।

Phimosis kya hai? लिंग की चमड़ी

Hello friends

if you have phimosis or a tight penis skin problem

this video is for you, watch till the end

you'll get good information

during sex, if you can't wear a condom

there is swelling and skin gets stuck

there are cuts on your skin

have to push your skin forward

in the morning while bathing or peeing

front skin of the penis doesn't go back

The penis head does not come out

penis's skin color has changed or got closed

peeing problem or white water gets stored

or itching

then you have a penis skin problem or phimosis

or balanitis.

today we'll discuss phimosis or balanitis

how the problem arises

when it should be treated and what is the best treatment

if you have phimosis or penis skin problem

the first thing you should know that

how the normal penis skin ( foreskin) is

normally foreskin or penis's skin problem

occurs more in Hindu men

due to childhood circumcision, this happens less in Muslim

the normal foreskin, when the penis is totally erected

whether flaccid or erected the foreskin should move back and forth easily

it should be soft, no white water should get stored

there shouldn't be any cut or infection, a normal foreskin

never interrupts during sex

if your foreskin is not going back or have cuts

there is swelling

if the penis is fully erected and this skin

doesn't go back and forth easily or nothing at all

it goes back and gets stuck

then there is a condition called phimosis

or tight penis skin

you may face problems or diseases because of this

What problems?

many problems, if the skin doesn't go back then the infection may arise

difficulty while peeing

problem during sex

problem of early discharge

decrease of penis size

penis may go inside the body

peeing force problem

may happen if this skin is not cleaned properly

after a long time due to infections and cut

cancer may happen in the skin

that's why if you have this problem, it should be treated well

What is the correct treatment?

I am Dr.Vijayant Govind Gupta in Delhi, India. I am a urologist means peeing's doctor

before urologist, there is a degree andrologist means male's doctor

and I may be the person who has done the most

operation on penis's skin in India

penis's skin problem is usually fixed by medicines or steroids cream

or by stretching it doesn't go

when to apply steroid cream or stretching is another topic

normally this problem's surgery treatment is


Circumcision is the surgical removal & loosening of the tip skin

and for doing this the latest technique is

original premium ZSR circumcision

there are many copies of ZSR circumcision which is harmful to your penis

if you have a problem then on the links given below

website and playlist

on this topic, there are 100 videos

you can gain knowledge from that

today's topic is penis skin problem or phimosis and we discuss

why phimosis happens

there are many reasons for phimosis but the top 3 are

one is congenital, skin been tight since childhood

in childhood grandma or nurse

doesn't teach to pull back the skin or after pulling back

it doesn't get proper oiling

kids can't wash their skin properly

with age, kids grow as well as the penis but the skin

stays there and in these kids

in 16-17 years when erection occurs

starts masturbation

sexual life starts

then they have to face problems

if at the proper time and age, this skin is not treated then

inferiority complex and early discharge problem occurs in kids

infection and biggest problem

decreasing size of penis

may happen because the skin stops the penis's growth

and doesn't let it come out fully

second most common problem's

reason is diabetes

diabetes occur at later age like 30,40,50

usually, the men who were fine in childhood but after diabetes

after this, growth of infection, swelling, white discharge stored

occurring of smegma, for this it becomes messy

normally diabetic patient

in this treatment steroids cream,fungus cream, antibiotics

keep taking it but this skin

their sex life, peeing, UTI, penis

destroys it and creates a lot of problems

third reason is common which is BXO

BXO is an autoimmune disease like arthritis

or else when your body reacts itself

here patient is good at the beginning, but with time skin

gets white, hard, and gets cuts

and once cut it doesn't get heal and the whole skin

surrounds it circularly

BXO is the most dangerous part of balanitis, if you have it then

slowly peeing, glans and sensitivity

destroys it and problem in glans happens

if you have phimosis or any reason under it

there are more reasons but in these 3 it mostly occurs

if you have phimosis and have problems

then the grade must be known

there is confusion about whether to do treatment or not

according to me all those I have seen and treated, it is important to do the treatment

there are 5 grades of phimosis

if the skin freely opens but there are problems during sex, it's grade 1. Grade 4 is

that condition where the skin is totally closed

hole is closed and skin doesn't open

Grade 5 is when the infection has occurred and peep has come

and the problem has raised too much

I have a detailed video on grads, link given in the description below

to understand grade better, there are photos and penis's

pictures are there which is to be seen

if you have phimosis, know the grade and looking for treatment

phimosis has 3 treatments

first, stretching. Stretch your skin and loosen it

stretch always in grade 1

in young kids who are not fully matured

and whose skin is soft

works on them only

stretching after age 20 when your penis is healthy

and has developed

stretching doesn't work there

after stretching in kids hyper sensitivity stays

glans sensitivity remains

size issues and premature ejaculation problem arises

stretching is for young kids

or 12-13 years old in them

we can try on them but the results won't be that good

stretching can be done by hand or machine-like phimocure


these types of machines are available, you can use

I always say to the patients that whatever treatment you have done

before that satisfy yourself

In 95% of patients, stretching doesn't help

another is creams, ointments, medicine normally belanitis if there is an infection

infection after having sex first time

or swollen, if mind phimosis is there 1-2 time infection

no diabetes or peep

in these cases, cream or antibiotic lotion may give calmness

few doctors suggest steroids creams like betnovate c, sulphas,

or any cream which has Clobetasol or steroids they give it to apply

I am requesting not to use steroids creams

it will ruin your sex life and penis size

phimosis won't cure and sensitivity, hyper-sensitivity

and erection problem will occur

after adulthood don't use steroids cream, it is only given to

small kiddos

the final and best solution, according to me

and patients who I treated is circumcision

circumcision means removing the skin

many patients think in
circumcision whole skin will come off

lot of pain, lots of
bleeding and take admission

peeing will be difficult, it's a big operation

nothing like that

the original premium ZSR circumcision which is available in a few centers

mostly Northindia in my center it's available

the premium ZSR circumcision doesn't pain

surgery is painless, bloodless, and stitches

in surgery, a silicon ring is used

this silicon ring is made from that silicon

that is used to make cataract lenses

this silicon is extremely safe and the silicon ring itself

falls within 10-12 days

during recovery, patient doesn't feel any pain and can pee normally

and can do daily activities

surgery takes 5 min and no need for admission

no need to pee tubing

or make him senseless

we do this in triple or spray anesthesia

like in kids' ear piercing or tattoo making

within that time surgery is over and patient

itself walks out from our clinic to go home

comes and goes wearing jeans and there is no downtime in surgery

and you can do your daily activities

there are many videos of surgery in link and description

how much comfortable ZSR is you may know

do ZSR circumcision originally, it has benefits

You'll get to know as I discuss in videos

important benefit of ZSR is that healing

will always be good and which ever center

is trained in ZSR, takes good care of the patient

so that the treatment is good

I am certified and national trainer of ZSR circumcision

maybe in India and abroad

above 40 surgeons in this surgery

I have trained so results always good

all insurances and panels are available

and the price is affordable

so research and know about ZSR, it's comfortable

and good surgery

which will end your phimosis from roots

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