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Virya ki takat ko badhane ki dawai. Increase sperm count naturally. Learn about L Carnitine and Coq 10 (Read in Hindi )

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Can sperm count and sperm motility will be increased? What are medicines for it?

I have an another video about it but today we will be talking about two special medicines L-carnitine and CoQ10. L-carnitine and CoQ10 are common medicines which normally every infertile patient or every patient who wants to keep his sperm healthy or who’s sperm has been damaged if given to them.

There would be very good improvement in the sperm.

(Read in Hindi )

What are L-carnitine and CoQ10 medicines? What should be its dose? What are the benefits of these medicines? How does this medicine work? and what could be the side effects of these medicines?

So first, we would start with the medicine L-carnitine. Whatever L-carnitine medicines are there in the market, which must have been given to you sometimes to keep sperm healthy like Popson, welyco plus, Quang or there are many other medicines. There are so many medicines in that normally as an andrologist we properly establish every medicine that how much is that medicine benefiting you if that suits your particular problem.

But usually in all that medicines, one medicine named L-carnitine would definitely be there. It would normally be in a dose of 500mg- 3g. So why is L-carnitine being added? So when basically understanding L-carnitine is basically an amine amine means a vitamin which is normally produced inside body. The main function of this amine/vitamin is two. First function is that understand that, any cell of our body whether it is brain cell or liver cell or sperm cell, it is a cell. It is a living organism it is a cell and every cell needs energy to live. So energy in cell an energy source called mitochondria is there in all of our cells. Like a furnace is there or there is an electricity source which provides energy in cell. Glucose will go inside this mitochondria it is also burned and energy is made. May be fat goes inside that so there are different energy sources in body like in our home we can burn woods, charcoal, petrol just like that, in our body too fat, glucose, ketone are bring burned to gain energy. So energy is achieved by different methods.

So the normal lipid oxidation or the process of fat burning. L-carnitine has a major role in that. Sperm which is in semen, when it goes inside vagina sperm needs to be inside the body to retain glucose level. When the sperm exits the body, it draws its energy from the semen to survive. So understand that normally The white part of the semen is made in such a way that it contains all the things that a sperm needs to survive, including glucose and fat. But the sperm needed L-carnitine, to use that energy. L-carnitine basically help the sperm to use the energy properly.

There might be some defects of sperm, due to the deficiency of L-carnitine and if we use L-carnitine as a supplement then it reaches epididymis first, through blood the epididymis is that place of the testis where the sperm get matured. Thus L-carnitine reaches the epididymis and help the sperm to mature.

So if any patient has problem of sperm quantity or quality or if you are on any hormonal treatment for that then it is very important to know that all other parameters of his sperm stays good like temperature, oxidation and most important, L-carnitine level. So that all the hard work we are doing the sperm which reached from testis to epididymis, gets its proper energy to travel to the semen. L-carnitine has an important role in this. Normally L-carnitine can be given at a dose of 500mg-3g depending on the severity of the patient and how much improvement he needed.

Improvement in many parameters can be seen with L-carnitine semen becomes dense, quality improves sperm count increases, it’s motility increases the fertlization rate of sperm.

Normally we check sperm only in lab. Sperm has to reach vagina and then to ovary. L-carnitine can also improve the fertilization rate of the egg or the pregnancy rate. So L-carnitine is a basic medicine which is important for the sperm health it’s necessary to take it in a proper dosage.

But L-carnitine can have some side effects

If it is given in high quantity, then it can also cause damage. because sometimes L-carnitine can be the cause of oxidation or killing of sperms So it’s necessary to use L-carnitine in proper way sometimes patient come to me, who has been given high dosage of L-carnitine they feel that it benefits them so they use over-dosage So it is important to use L-carnitine in a safe manner

The second medicine which will talking about today that is CoQ10 or Coenzyme Q10.

It’s sometimes founds in the form of ubiquinol this medicine is also used in the dosage of 50- 300 mg and CoQ10 is also a very essential and helpful medication to improve sperm count and sperm motility. CoQ10 basically if I tell you in a simple way so whenever energy production occurs in our body or in mitochondria we need catalyst.

For that catalyst means for example, you have petrol and you need to set on fire to produce energy and the match stick used to set on the fire, is called catalyst.

And it is the job of Coenzyme Q10 if there is no Coenzyme Q10, then how much fat or glucose you give to sperm it can’t produce energy with that. So the main function of CoQ10 is the oxidation of lipid or fat plus, CoQ10 is a very good anti-oxidant of our body antioxidant. Means Normally we humans are born in oxygen our body takes 21% oxygen through breath sometimes body creates oxygenation stress it means, those organs, which are responsible for the good functions of our body oxygen molecule damages them.

What CoQ10 does is that CoQ10 absorbs the oxidation stress or the free radicals like a sponge, which are responsible for creating damage in our body the damage-forming agents can not be formed in presence of CoQ10, or they will be absorbed.

So these two mechanisms of CoQ10 helps sperm to being healthy CoQ10 mainly performed inside the testis For example, a child becomes more sick in respect of a young adult the early phase of spermatogonia or at the early stage of sperm formation this oxidative stress become more dangerous in that situation so CoQ10 helps in that situation the patients in whom the sperms are not maturing in that case, CoQ10 helps sperm to mature and become healthy.

CoQ10 increases sperm count & quality, motility rate fertilization rate.

But the main role of CoQ10 starts inside testis at the early phase of sperm production.

There are thousands of medicine & treatment to increase sperm it’s necessary for an andrologist to understand the situation and severity of patient’s condition before using this medicine.

Sometimes dose is not properly set, not properly taken or absorbed or it’s effect doesn’t show if we suggest a medicine only after proper diagnosis then it definitely benefits the patients.

There is a misconception that sperm count can’t be increased, motility can’t be increased patients won’t get better.

If cause found properly, then in 90% of patients get benefit to achieve sperm count, motility rate, number, fertilization rate, pregnancy rate and everything.

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